It's Hard to Look, Still I Watch The Debacle That is Tigers Baseball! ! !

Curtis SmithContributor IAugust 27, 2008

Woeful, stinky, bad, in the end the Detroit Tigers just suck! They can't hit, pitch or field all while boasting the 3rd highest payroll in the majors.  It makes me want to jump out off my balcony every time they are on, but I don’t. . .  I watch and wait for maybe a glimmer of hope that its all a bad dream or a fluke of a season.  In the end change will be needed and a change of sorts bigger then trading Pudge away.  Nobody is a safe on this Tiger team not Verlander, Joyce, or even Ordonez! Ok one person I don’t think they will get rid of is Miggy!  Personally I think this is what should happen, but in the end probably won’t.  You take Ordonez and Clete Thomas package trade them to get speed in return not just a stolen base speed but a 1st to 3rd speed!  You take Big Daddy Thames and move him to right and put Joyce in left.  Then with the money you save by getting rid of Ordonez you go after a A.J. Burnett type starter in the 40 to 60 million over 3 to 5 years.  Not a C.C. type at 100 to 150 million at 6 to 7 years. . .  You keep Sheffield around because you know he can’t get much worse then this year and Renteria is going to better as well.  Another year of American seasoning should be what he needs.  The trade that I would like to see; would be sending Ordonez, Rodney and Thomas to the Astros for CF Michael Bourn and CP Jose Valverde.  I would do that in a heartbeat, it’s a win/win for both parties.  The Tigers would be getting speed and a closer, while still boasting a solid lineup 1-9 and the Astros get outfield exp plus another bat plus an solid left-handed hitter and giving Rodney a fresh start! All in all nothing close to this will happen if the Tiger executives don’t start thinking out of the box, but then again that’s right up GM Dave Dombrowski alley.  In 2009 it will be pretty much the that look similar to the '08 season, but lets just hope to see changes!  Thats what is so good about next year we all start at 0-0!  Please email me some of your ideas of trades and I’ll tell you what I think about them.