Breaking News: Mick Foley Agrees To Join TNA!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IAugust 27, 2008

Since leaving the WWE, rumors have been swirling about this. Today, it is reported that those rumors are indeed true!

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley has agreed to terms with rival company TNA.

The details of the deal have not yet been released. It is unsure at what capacity Foley will be apart of the company.

His contract with the WWE expires at the end of August. The last time we saw Foley on television was during the much talked-about segment with Edge. During this segment, Foley urged Edge to find The Edge that he once called the best pro-wrestler in the business. 

Edge got the message loud and clear. After attacking with Foley, he layed him on a table and jumped on him, off a ladder. Foley indeed un-leached the inner Edge.

Now the legend is off to TNA. Foley is mostly remembered for extreme matches. He has put his body on the line countless times, causing several injuries. Nobody will forget his match against The Undertaker in the brutal Hell in a Cell.

We know him as Mankind, as Dude Love, but most famously, as Cactus Jack. His days in ECW and WWE will not soon be forgotten.

A possible TNA debut could be during the Pay Per View "No Surrender" on Sept. 14. 

As a WWE fan, I would like to say good luck to Foley.


"Bang, Bang!"


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