Power of the Punch: The Wrestling Master That Is William Regal

Ben GartlandAnalyst IINovember 11, 2010

 "Do you know what my New Year's resolution is going to be? It's to wake up a half hour earlier so that I can hate you more." ~William Regal in a post match interview in 1992.

In a house show at the O2 arena in London last night, William Regal stated that it might be his last tour. After 27 years in this business, it might be time for him to hang up his boots. He is still in great shape and can wrestle fantastically like he always was able to do, but if he feels like he has done everything he can to entertain us fans then it is definately time for Regal to retire. Recently Regal hasn't been doing much in terms of storylines and in-ring action, and it seems that this changing of the guard with the younger wresters taking over doesn't seem to have a place for even a wrestling great like William Regal. So after all Regal has done for this business, he deserves to go out in style.

Regal started wrestling at carnivals at the age of 15 in Blackpool, England, before moving to the United States and signing with WCW in 1992. There, he became the villain that he plays so well by saying things like the quote at the beginning of the article. He formed the team "The Blue Bloods" with Bobby Eaton and David Taylor. They never did win the WCW Tag Team Titles, but during his time in WCW, Regal won the World Television Championship four times before leaving for the WWF/WWE in 1999.

In the WWE is where Regal really found his nitch. He was given a gimmick as a stereotypical snobbish Englishman and he played it to absolute perfection. He won the European Championship several times, and kept to his villain role by joining the WCW alliance during that storyline. He also was the first person to join the infamous "Kiss my Ass" club in order to keep his job. Throughout the early 2000s he won his first Intercontinental Title, and also several tag team championships with Lance Storm and Eugene.

Through the latter part of the 2000s, Regal was unfortunately delegated to the lower card with some brief shining moments, such as the King of the Ring victory in 2008 and his excellent feud with Christian in 2009 for the ECW championship. With Regal close to retirement, I and almost every other wrestling fan believe that Regal should get the "Kane Treatment" so to speak. There have been rumors of Kane retiring, so that is why he was given the title and is having quite an impressive reign so far. Regal deserves to get the same treatment as Kane.

During his house shows in England on the UK tour, Regal has been wrestling United States Champion Daniel Bryan Danielson, which might turn into a feud for the title. Regal should get that feud, and should win the title so that he has an impressive last storyline before he retires.

Another idea for Regal to go out in style would be for Regal to win the upcoming King of the Ring, and to keep in the upper mid card after that until he retires.

No matter what WWE does, they better do something special for a man who has given his entire life to this business, and who deserves to be treated as the wrestling master that he is. If the WWE doesn't make Regal look great in his last storyline, then they will lose a lot of the respect that they have from me and from the rest of the IWC.