Stop Sleeping on Michael Crabtree!!

tee polkAnalyst IAugust 27, 2008

I must admit I am a huge Texas Longhorn fan, but when i see talent then I must call it how i see it, and that talent is a kid from Big 12 rival Texas Tech Michael Crabtree..

This kids is a freak of nature in only his 2nd year of college football for the Red Raiders just check the stats: 134 receptions, 1962 yards, and 22 touchdowns as a freshman, and if those is aren't Heisman like numbers then i don't know what to tell you guys...

Crabtree is from Dallas, TX where he played football and basketball for Dallas Carter High School in Dallas, but the most impressive thing about Mr.Crabtree is that he never played receiver in high school he was an option quarterback, and football wasn't even his favorite sport it was basketball..

With breakout year that Michael Crabtree had last year the Texas Tech Red Raiders are simply on the map now and are ranked in the top 25 coming into this college football season which is a place that the Red Raiders haven't been in a long time.

So what are the expections for Crabtree this year? It's simple top the season that he had last year, become 1st team All America again, lead his team to the Big 12 title, play in a BCS game, and bring that prestigious Heisman Trophy back to Lubbock.

Red Raider fans if Crabtree has another outstanding season this year then you better think twice about seeing this guy in action for another year because the scouts will begin to swarm around this talented receiver and I see Top 5 pick in his future!!!