WWE Survivor Series 2010: Power Ranking the 10 Best Matches of Edge's Career

John KindelanAnalyst IIINovember 11, 2010

WWE Survivor Series 2010: Power Ranking 10 Of the Best Matches of Edge’s Career

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    At Survivor Series, will The Ultimate Opportunist reclaim the his championship gold against the monster Kane? The two have clashed in the past over gold and over women so what type of explosions can we expect to see on November 21st? It's not a matter of who will win, it's more of a matter of who will survive.

    Edge's career is a resume of battles with each and everyone of the greatest WWE superstars of the past two decades. Choosing 10 of his best matches seems foolish, as all of his matches are great, but here are 10 matches with 10 of his greatest opponents and feuds throughout his career in no particular order.

    Before you start asking where are all the TLC tag team matches, I made this list solely of his singles matches.

Three Kings

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    Backlash 2006 triple threat match between Cena, HHH, and Edge.

    Triple H, the King of Kings, master of the sledge hammer and ring general versus John Cena, the franchise, the man who will not quit and Edge, The Ultimate Opportunist, clashed in 2006 in one of the bloodies most hard fought championship matches of all time.

    This was no ordinary match, this was a cavalcade of destruction. Triple H bloodied, Lita driven into the match, spears, attitude adjustments, STFs, pedigrees.

    No quarter given, none taken.

    At the end of the match Cena's hand was raised but all three men walked out champions putting on a hellacious match like no other.

Hair Vs. Hair

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    What do you get when you get a classically-trained Olympic athlete pitted against a professional wrestler living out his boyhood dream?

    Throw in some great promos, good humor, and an amazing back and forth between the two and you end up with gold.

    Kurt Angle vs. Edge at Judgement Day 2002 which resulted in Edge shaving Kurt's head not only was a stand out match in Edge's career but a defining moment in Angle's.

    From there we saw Kurt don the wig and wrestling head gear which eventually was stripped off to give us the bald Kurt Angle we still have today. 

Mr. Copeland Goes To Hell

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    Summer Slam 2008 pitted the Undertaker vs. Edge in a Hell in Cell match that ended like no other.

    You can talk about Foley falling from the cage, you can talk about the Big Boss Man dangling from it, but only Edge was sent through the ring and then burnt up with the fires of Hell.

    Edge knew that the cell was 'Takers' playground' so he went and used his skills as well grabbing tables, ladders, and chairs from underneath the ring during this match.

    The ferocity of this match even at one point caused the two combatants to bust through the walls of the cage and battle on the floor outside. Spilling on to all three announcers tables where Edge delivered his patent spear to The Dead Man. 

    But the Phenom still had more in him, putting Edge through two tables and then dragging him back into the ring where he continued to punish him, until he ended the match with a tombstone pile driver. 

    The match was over but the Undertaker returned to deliver further punishment. He carried Edge up a ladder, then went to another ladder and delivered his promise of sending Edge to hell.

    A choke slam from the ladder sent Edge through the ring and a few moments later, Undertaker used his magical powers and the hole that Edge went through went up in flames. 

Extreme Rules With Jeff Hardy

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    Extreme Rules 2009.

    They were rivals in the tag division for years and while everyone suspected that of their teams they would be the two that would catapult to the main event in singles competition this match proved why.

    With heavyweight gold dangling above the ring these two threw all regard for life and limb out the window.

    Ladder after ladder, fall after fall including the two of them both crashing down on to a ladder that had been laid from the ring to the barricade.

    Imagine, if you will, for a moment, that in your head you have to, on purpose, bring yourself to climb a ladder and then intentionally make it fall where you know you will come falling down not only on to the hard floor below but strike a metal ladder on your way down to ultimate destruction.

    How does one mentally do that? How do you shut off the part of your brain that says, "don't do that you're going to hurt yourself." I can't even begin to grasp it.

    The match ended with Jeff holding the gold in one of the best endings to a match ever as Edge was stuck dangling within the rungs of the ladder watching helplessly as Jeff pulled down the belt and shoved it in his face.

Pure Brutality

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    Edge vs. Matt Hardy, Summer Slam 2005.

    This was one of those matches where you wondered what did they have planned. Was it this, was Matt supposed to get brutally beat down? Was it all orchestrated?

    Or were the two told to just go in the ring and settle their difference by beating the living hell out of one another? This was not a wrestling match, it was a crime scene.

    The match ended when Hardy could no longer defend himself and it had to be stopped. Referees helped the bloody Hardy to the back and Edge stood victorious over the man who wound not die.

Raw Street Fight

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    Monday Night Raw, 2005.

    Shawn Michaels and Edge, wearing just their jeans and boots, put on a display that showed two wrestlers with similar styles known for their quick moves and speed could also put on a show of a basic beat down. 

    Some of the highlights of this match included Shawn taking a fan's camera and snapping a picture of Edge as he winces in pain, kendo stick shots, a bloodied HBK and, of course, an appearance by Kurt Angle

    This was WWE before it was PG at its finest.

A Picture Says 1000 Words

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    This photo says it all. WrestleMania 22. One of the most brutal hardcore matches the WWE has ever seen.

    Name a hardcore item, it was there. Barb wire baseball bats. Thumbtacks. Flaming tables.

    This match had it all Foley and Edge went out there to steal the show and they did just that and Edge proved once again that he could be put in any type of match and deliver.

Canadian Civil War

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    WrestleMania 26 pitted The Rated R Superstar vs. The Best in the World at what he does. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    How many people watched this match so sure that Edge would walk out with the gold?

    Jericho's victories at WM haven't been all that great and Edge was on a huge push going in, and despite being a Jericaholic I accepted that Y2J would most likely not walk out with the strap.

    But in a battle of two people whom have worked together for so long, similar styles, comparable builds and each with a mad desire to be the best it was Jericho who shockingly retained.

    Was this Jericho's last WrestleMania? If so it's something to be proud of. Their match lit up the arena and brought the crowd to its feet.

    Edge fought a champion's battle and while he didn't walk out with the gold he added to his resume another war that proved he's earned his spot.


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    Unforgiven 2006. John Cena vs. Edge.

    Edge has had so many feuds over the years with an amazing list of superstars, but no feud in my opinion was ever better with him than the one with John Cena.

    The two of them clicked so well together that hopefully its just a matter of time before we can see it be reignited. Possibly even with the roles reversed, who wouldn't want to see Cena as the heel vs. the babyfaced Edge.

    Unforgiven has so many high spots that its almost too many to list, but of course nothing tops the end where Cena delivers an attitude adjustment to Edge sending him crashing through two tables to the floor below.

    I'll never forget the end of this match as Cena pulled down the belt not in a defiant screaming victory but instead he looked down and saw Edge broken on the floor and almost looked as though he regretted having to go that far to stop The Rated R Superstar from getting the gold.

Rated RKO No More

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    Monday Night Raw, April 30th, 2007.

    A match of Pay Per View proportions tore down the house as one of the best Monday Night Raw matches of all time.

    Edge and Orton were a dominating tag team, destroying DX and anyone else who got in their way.

    But the two giant egos of these Superstars could not be contained which lead to the explosion of RKO.


And Much More to Come

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    There have been rumors that Edge will be retiring soon. In interviews he has said that he knows he doesn't want to burn himself out before he injures himself to the point of no return.

    However many more matches we get to watch featuring The Rated R Superstar I'm sure we will continue to be entertained and love him or hate him you have to show some respect for the performances he puts on.

    Honorable mentions of other matches are:

    Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero, Unforgiven 2002

    Edge vs. Undertaker, One Night Stand 2008

    and Edge vs The Rock on Monday Night Raw in 2001


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