Could Rudi Be on his Way Out of Cincy?

Mike GreenspireContributor IJune 24, 2016

Rudi Johnson is apparently on the trading block in Cincinnati now that Chad Johnson has a severe shoulder injury.

Chad has a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder. He will be unable to extend his arm above his head without feeling intense pain if he decides to skip surgery and participate this season.

The best thing for him to do is sit out. Besides, you don’t want to play anyways, Chad. Or do you?

Well, after a good time of thinking about where Rudi could be traded to in order to bring the kind of wideout Chad is to the Bengals to replace 85, I have the answer!


Trade Rudi Johnson to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for a 3rd-round pick in 2009 and of course, WR, Anquan Boldin. Boldin has been clear about his lack of appreciation of the Cardinals’ huge dollar amount signing of Larry Fitzgerald. Anquan thinks he’s worth that kind of money, too, and is there really any way to argue with him? He’s just as good as Fitzgerald, and deserves to get paid about as much.

So, last week, he requested the Cardinals trade him. Now, this isn’t gonna happen unless the right opportunity presents itself to Arizona ala Rudi Johnson. Rudi could do wonders for that offense and take the pressure off of Kurt Warner or Matt Leinart. Rudi would be critically important in taking pressure off Warner’s arm. I doubt Warner will be able to get through an entire 16+ game season injury-free. Edgerrin James is getting a little too old to be that sure-fire number 1 running back anymore, and if you were to have the rushing combination of Rudi and Edge, you would be unstoppable.

It all depends on how well this goes over with Wisenhunt and ownership in AZ. Leinart is not the ideal QB for Wisenhunt’s style of offense, and if Warner isn’t either, at least he’s more adjustable to a system after spending so many years in the league.

I would be confident heading into the season with Larry Fitzgerald as my only great wideout, and a duo in the backfield of James and Johnson. If this trade goes down, Warner has pressure on him to perform like he did the final 8 games of last season.

Warner is a $50 million guy, and management doesn’t want to see that guy sitting on the bench. The offensive line needs to keep guys away from him, and they need to implement a more potent Pittsburgh-like style of offense if Warner wants to stay healthy. Wisenhunt won a championship with the run-to-set-up-the-pass offense, and he needs to get Edge, and possibly Rudi to pound it up the gut and make Warner’s job that much easier. Maybe, if the Cardinals make a good decision and don’t blunder this time (like they always do), then we’ll start talking about a division title. However, even without Rudi, if Anquan settles himself down and decides to play, I still can see this team being NFC West champs. If Rudi were to come on board, it would make things that much more difficult for Seattle to match the power of that up-and-coming Cardinals offense.

Lemme hear your thoughts.

-Mike Greenspire