Who Is Jeff Smith, and Why Will He Lead Boston College This Year?

JB McCandlesCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

Jeff Smith emerged onto the national scene as a freshman returning kicks for Boston College.  He was selected as a Sporting News second team All-American as a freshman.

Smith's most memorable game was two years ago vs. Clemson, when he had five returns for 213 yards, an average of 42.6 yards.  He had one touchdown in that game, and it was a crucial one—a third quarter touchdown that tied the score at 17.

BC would go on to win the game 34-33 in overtime.  It was one of the greatest college football games I had ever seen.

Jeff Smith missed all of last year with a head injury.  It looked for a while like his career had come to an end.  This year Smith is trying to make a comeback, and he is going to have to earn time in a backfield that features freshman Josh Haden, who will have to answer the critics.

If Smith doesn't start at running back, then he will have a huge impact in the return game for BC.  Smith is going to have to earn his time.  We may not see him right away, but Smith is without a doubt the fastest player on the BC team.

You can see Smith returning kicks on Saturday night at Cleveland Browns Stadium vs. Kent State.

I predict that Smith will be the comeback player of the year in the NCAA.  He will get a lot of carries at running back and return a lot of kicks for BC.

BC will also surprise a lot of people this year with solid lines and great skill position players.