Alex Smith Should Embrace the Bench

James Senbeta@@BetaGetsBusyCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

Mike Martz, of “The Greatest Show on Turf” fame, would be the fourth different offensive coach in the last four years for San Francisco. Martz’s playbook is one of the more difficult schemes to master throughout the league, requiring a quarterback that can read the defense, a running back who can both rush and receive, and a dominant receiver.

J.T. O’Sullivan had the advantage entering the preseason with experience of Martz’s system in Detroit the year before. O’Sullivan started and played the entirety of the last two preseason games for the Lions in 2007, and even throwing a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson during Jon Kitna’s infamous concussion game.

Alex Smith can finally sit to learn the playbook and pick O’Sullivan's brain for any questions about the scheme. Time to allow his shoulder to heal 100% should also be beneficial to the quarterback. Perhaps for the 2009 season he could have the offense down solid, throwing deep balls fluidly without worry. Instead, you can count on him to try to opt out of his 6-year, $49.5 million contract to struggle with yet another team’s offense for a decrease salary.