More Bad News Than Good for New Jersey Devils

levinaklCorrespondent IIINovember 11, 2010

The Devils still have a lot of work to do..... but there have been SOME positive signs to look at.
The Devils still have a lot of work to do..... but there have been SOME positive signs to look at.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good news, bad news once again for the Devils in a 5-4 shootout loss to the Buffalo Sabres. Let's analyze the current state of affairs for the New Jersey Devils.

Good news:  The Devils picked up a point with the shootout loss.

Bad news:  The Devils remain without a win at home this season, with an 0-5-2 record.

Good news:  The Devils scored four goals against a goaltender for the first time this season.

Bad news:  The Devils have still scored just 29 goals on the year. With the talent on this roster, even with all the injuries, it remains inexplicable how the team is unable to score

Good news:  With two goals against Buffalo, Jason Arnott now leads the team with six goals and is on pace for 31 goals.

Bad news:  No one else on the team has more than three (although Matt Taormina is one of them, which is a pleasant surprise), meaning no one else is on pace for even a 20 goal season.

Good news:  It appears Brian Rolston is close to returning from injury and should likely return to the lineup Friday against the Oilers.

Bad news:  Zach Parise will likely miss at least another two months and when he is able to return, the Devils must once again deal with the looming salary cap issues that never were dealt with (other than by injuries) at the beginning of the year.

Good news:  Jamie Langenbrunner played a solid game and scored his third goal of the year.

Bad news:  Langenbrunner missed practice on Thursday and is listed as questionable for Friday's game, following an awkward fall into the boards a few minutes before his goal.

Good news:  Youngsters Mattias Tedenby and Alexander Vasyunov played very well, both posting assists in the game, providing a little spark for the team.

Bad news:  The team had a five minute stretch in the second period, where you wonder if they could've beaten a pee wee team, let alone another NHL team.

Good news:  Langenbrunner also scored a nice shootout goal to keep the Devils alive.

Bad news:  Ilya Kovalchuk lost the puck and didn't post any kind of threat towards scoring a goal in the fourth round of the shootout. Kovalchuk's frustration continues to symbolize the entire frustration the team has suffered through in its first 16 games of the season.

Good news:  There are 66 games left to play, the return of Brian Rolston,  and Martin Brodeur looms near, and the team is at least playing a little bit better.

Bad news:  The Devils appear to rarely be on the same page and deservedly have the worst record in the league.

Add it all up and the first 16 games of the season have been nothing short of a disaster. However, a win over Edmonton on Friday could steer the Devils in the right direction and a stretch of three wins in a row or four out of five, could give the Devils the boost of confidence they so desperately need.

There still is time to overcome this start, but the team needs to come together and do it quickly. Friday against the Edmonton Oilers is as good as any other time. Win ugly, win pretty, it doesn't really matter. At this point, just win.

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