Ring Of Fire: The 10 Hottest Women In MMA

Andrew J. KearneyCorrespondent IINovember 10, 2010

Ring Of Fire: The 10 Hottest Women In MMA

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    Some of the most beautiful girls in all of sports belong to the MMA world.  From fighters' wives/girlfriends to ring girls and even female fighters, these ladies bring it.  Their talents extend from the cage and out into the world through even magazines (see: Arianny Celeste in Playboy) 

    If seeing women participate in sports is your thing, then MMA is the sport for you.  Women are more involved in MMA than just about any other men's sport and rightfully so.  

    This list will make you aware of the many beautiful women that the world of MMA has produced.  Their looks have helped them gain exposure, but their talents have kept them there.  

    Here are the 10 hottest women in all of MMA.  

10. Jenna Bentley

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    Jenna Bentley is clearly a star in the making in terms of MMA models.  This Playboy model has already made her mark with her beauty and now looks to extend that to the MMA world. 

    She's an eye-opening figure and would make MMA a whole lot hotter.  Her looks and experience would help her become a more prominent figure in the sports world.   

9. Logan Stanton

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    Personally, Logan Stanton was my favorite UFC Octagon Girl and I was disappointed when they got rid of her. Logan has loads of sexy pictures so it was difficult to find a particular one here.  

    Doesn't this picture of her just make you guys wanna go nuts?!

8. Monica Arteaga

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    The small MMA promotion Bellator has never looked so good.  Eddie Alvarez may be their marquee fighter, but Monica Arteaga (hot name to boot) is a reason many men tune-in or attend events.

    Arteaga is the company's lead ring girl, and is one of the hottest women in MMA.  

7. Gina Carano

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    You better tell Gina Carano that she's sexy or else she'll kick your ass!  So I will be the first but definitely not the last by awarding her seventh on this list.  Gina, you're pretty hot.  

    She's an amazingly gifted fighter to boot, and is one of the best female fighters in the sport.  She may have lost to Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, but she is clearly much hotter than her.  So ultimately, advantage to Carano.   

6. Penny Mathis

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    There are a couple "BIG" reasons why Penny Mathis makes a splash onto this list.  Her presence here shifts this list into another gear and makes you wonder how much hotter it can get.  

    This starts the elite of sexy females in MMA.  Mathis could even be higher here, but I promise you will be impressed with the top five.  

5. Claudia Verela

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    Claudia Verela will leave one speechless and clearly does in this picture.  This ring girl is one of the hottest in the sport, and has risen to the occasion as a very popular face in MMA.  

4. Ali Sonoma

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    Ali Sonoma is hot, plain and simple.  She was engaged to...wait for it...wait for it...DIEGO SANCHEZ?! Wow, bet that was a "Nightmare" for her!  That's a real shocker.

    She's no longer a UFC Octagon Girl, but many people, including Sanchez, wish that she still was.  

3. Natasha Wicks

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    Natasha Wicks' ass is out of this world.  This much is obvious to MMA fans.  She was a very popular UFC Octagon Girl before her abrupt firing in 2009.  MMA fans across the world shed tears that day as Wicks and Stanton were both fired together for some reason.  All we know is that Wicks is on fire.   

2. Arianny Celeste

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    What in the blue hell was Roger Huerta thinking when he lost Arianny Celeste?  That's an odd pairing in and of itself, but damn Roger at the very least hold onto her.  

    Celeste's career has taken off since she left Huerta or however it happened.  She recently appeared in Playboy and is the most popular MMA female of all-time hands down.  She's also one of the hottest as well.

1. Adree Desanti

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    WOW!  Adree Desantis is definitely the hottest MMA girl you have never heard of.  After you pick your jaw up from the ground, you will realize that sadly this list is over.  But at least I saved the best for last right?