Crazy Solution to Mets Penn!!!

Gerard BarattaContributor IAugust 27, 2008

Well readers I have absolutely had it with the Mets bullpen and I have a wild solution because that's all that will work at this point, "The Goggles".....Eric Gagne has passed through waivers and is owed 2million to the end of the season roughly..Why Not???? The Mets have the money to waste.... 

Gagne had a terrible start to the beginning of the season and was cast out of the closers role. Well I say lets put him back in it in a big spot and let him show us the guts that he once showed for about 50 saves. This pushes Ayala to the set-up role and solidifies at least a little in our bullpen. Also the Mets need a pitcher who brings a presence and some strikeouts to the table and Gagne at least looks like a crazed animal when he's on the mound..I'll take it!!!

Gagne has a 6.34 ERA but has only pitched 34 innings this year and the last 3 games have been in blowouts can you blame him for not being pumped up??? Lets try it Mets Fans what do we have to lose because if I have to see Aaron Heilman pitch in a closing situation again I am going to get an ulcer.