GCF Impact Raw: November 10, 2010

Austin KilheeneyCorrespondent INovember 10, 2010

It is time for GCF everyone! Last week, Pope and Edge’s relationship got even worse, as both men pimp slapped each other! Survivor Series is shaping up to be an amazing event, as we continue to get closer and closer to November 28. If you have any ideas, feedback, or anything like that, email me at gcfshows@hotmail.com. How about we get this show started?

Fireworks go off and the Impact Raw video ends, as we are live in Cleveland, Ohio! We are inside of the Wolstein Center, and the fans seem very excited that we are tonight!  “Hello everybody, I’m Michael Cole, here with my partner Tazz, and it looks like we have another action packed Impact Raw! Last week, Tyler Black and Edge defeated the team of Pope and Carlito after Pope abandoned Carlito. During the match however, there was a point where Edge and Pope both disrespectfully slapped each other.”  “Pope showed that he won’t be playing the whole friend card going into Survivor Series, he wants that title, Cole!”  “Edge has already faced some severe challenges, and proved at Resurrection that he is one of the best in the world after he beat both Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat to retain his title. Do you think he will be able to pull off another victory at Survivor Series?”  “Oh Man Cole, I just don’t know. The obvious money should be on Edge, but you never know with Pope! He may be able to upset him and win the gold!”  “Well Tazz, from what I understand, Samoa Joe has demanded this time to reveal the last member of his team for Survivor Series!!”
Joe’s music hits, and the fans give him a great reaction. Joe walks out, followed by Big Show, Rhino, and Evan Bourne. The four men walk down the ramp, all with serious looks on their face. They all slide into the ring, and Joe asks for a mic. “Kurt Angle has apparently been forming his Alliance for several months. In two weeks, I have formed a team ten times better than his. I mean, lets face it. Big Show is bigger than Kevin Nash, Evan Bourne is faster than Shelton Benjamin, Rhino is a whole lot stronger than Charlie Haas, and I am better than Kurt Angle. But that leaves us to Jack Swagger. I looked everywhere I could, but I could not find a bigger kiss ass than Jack Swagger. I know, I know, I already asked Matt Morgan. I did manage however to find someone who is simply a better wrestler than Jack Swagger. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to the final member of Joe’s Army……Kaval!!!”  Kaval’s music hits and the fans seem to really appreciate this choice, as the NXT Season 2 winner makes his way down the ramp with a new GCF Joe’s Army T shirt. Kaval has more T Shirts in his hand, and he hops into the ring. Kaval gives each member a T Shirt and they all put the shirts on. All the members raise their hands, until The Alliance’s music hits. The Alliance makes their way down, much to the disliking of Joe’s Army. Kevin Nash, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, and Jack Swagger all follow Kurt Angle to the ring. They all get into the ring, and get eye to eye with different members. Swagger-Kaval, Benjamin-Bourne, Nash-Big Show, Haas-Rhino, and finally Angle-Joe. Angle takes the mic out of Joe’s hand, and talks, “You think your real clever don’t you? You think if you can pick guys who match up with my guys that maybe, just maybe, you will be able to last five minutes at Survivor Series? I mean, with your very last pick, you picked this midget over here (Kurt points to Kaval.)”  Kaval gets held back by Joe, and Kurt continues. “You say that Kaval is a better wrestler than Jack? Really? Jack is a two time All American, how many times has Kaval won?”  Joe pushes the mic away from Kurt’s face, and rips it out of his hand. Joe speaks again, “I can prove that Kaval is better, in fact I was actually hoping that you were going to come out here, because I have an announcement. Next week right here on Impact Raw, there will be three different matches involving your team and my team. It will be Rhino, Evan Bourne, and Big Show taking on Kevin Nash, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas! Also, Kaval and Jack Swagger will have their match, and we will see who the better wrestler really is! That leaves only two people. Kurt, you and I will fight next week in a Captains Match.”  Joe tosses his mic down, and Kurt wastes no time in getting his squad out of the ring. The Alliance bail from the ring, and make their way back up the ramp. We go to the back now where Todd Grisham is there for another weekly interview.
 “Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this, the Hardcore Champion, Tommy Dreamer. Now Tommy, last week, you assaulted RVD before his match with William Regal. This allowed Regal to continue the assault and win the match by referee’s decision. There is some talk backstage about possibly making a match for Survivor Series between you and RVD for the Hardcore Championship. What are you thoughts on RVD and that possible match?”  “I just don’t it Todd. Why is it that you and everyone else think that I am afraid of RVD? I am seriously counting on that match happening at Survivor Series; in fact I am challenging RVD right now for Survivor Series. The greatest Hardcore Champion of all time, Tommy Dreamer, against Rob Van Dam, in a Hardcore Match for my title. Rob, we have entered the Era of Hardcore Dreamer, and this era will not end at Survivor Series. That is, if you are stupid enough to accept my challenge. I want an answer by the end of the night.”  Dreamer stares into the camera, until we hear the smack of a chair across Tommy’s back! Tommy grabs his back and turns to the man who hit him, and it’s RVD! Rob throws the chair into Dreamer’s hands, jumps up, and kicks the chair into the face of Tommy! RVD grabs the title off of an unconscious Dreamer. RVD looks at the title and smiles. Rob says, “I’ll see you at Survivor Series.” We fade back to the arena, leaving RVD with a knocked out Dreamer and the Hardcore Championship.
”Hang on Cole, does this mean that it’s Dreamer vs. RVD at Survivor Series?!”  “I guess so Tazz. I mean Tommy made the challenge, and RVD accepted with that Steel Chair attack! RVD and Tommy Dreamer will battle under Hardcore Rules with the title on the line at Survivor Series!” I am Perfection!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jesse Neal

Dolph walks out to boos across the entire crowd. Last week, Ziggler beat Shannon Moore with the help of a mysterious masked man. Now tonight, Dolph must take on Moore’s former partner. Dolph walks down the ramp, making sure everyone around him sees his X Division Championship. Ziggler gets into the ring, hands his title to the referee, and begins to shout some insults at the fans. Neal’s music hits and the big man walks out to scattered cheers from the Cleveland faithful. Neal walks down the ramp, smiling at some fans, but not taking his eye off of Dolph. Neal gets up to the ring apron, and begins saying some words to the X Division Champion. Right before Neal can get into the ring however, the masked man appears from under the ring and pulls Neal down to the outside floor! The man lets Neal get to his feet, but then levels him with a steel pipe! The man tosses the pipe down, and pulls the dazed Neal to his feet. The masked man throws Neal into the ring, and the referee has no choice but to start the match. Ziggler shouts at the man, asking him what he is doing here. The man just picks up his pipe, and exits the arena. Ziggler turns his attention back to Neal who is courageously trying to get to his feet. Dolph walks over to him, still looking confused about what just happened. Dolph lets Neal get to his feet, but as soon as he does, Dolph immediately spins him around. Dolph puts his head down, almost looking disappointed, but then hops up and delivers the Zig Zag to Neal. Dolph covers Neal, and gets the easy One, Two, Three.

Winner- Dolph Ziggler

Dolph doesn’t even get his hand raised; he just gets out of the ring, grabs his title, and stomps up the ramp. Dolph doesn’t acknowledge anyone as he exits the arena. Neal is completely laid out in the ring, as the commentators talk about what just occurred. “Who is that Tazz? He has interfered in two straight Dolph Ziggler matches, and gave Ziggler the win in both of them! Could this be the man that attacked Rey Mysterio?” 
Before Tazz can answer, the lights go out just like last week. We hear that demonic laugh, and then the titantron turns on and shows an image of a joker playing card. The titantron goes black, and then it comes back on with a shot of a dark alley. We see a young couple walking down the alley, laughing and giggling. We hear the guy say that his parents are at Impact Raw, and that they should head back to his place. Instead of answering, the girl screams at what she sees. The two teens run into an unconscious GCF referee with a huge bloody cut on his forehead. The boy pulls out his phone to call the police, but while the boy is on the phone, the girl sees a note in the ref’s hand. The girl takes the note out of the hand and opens it. The note says, I believe in Harvey Dent. We hear another scream followed by the same demonic laugh. The titantron goes black, and the lights come back on. Everyone is silent until Tazz speaks, “Harvey Dent? That’s Two Face in the comic book world. What does this mean?”  “I don’t know Tazz, but I think whoever wrote that note is working with the guy who assaulted up that security guard last week.”  “What’s up with all these Mystery men? They are all causing a lot of mayhem, and not the good kind.”  Neal is out of the ring, and it looks like it’s time for our next match, featuring six men who will compete at Survivor Series!!

Motor City Machineguns and Randy Orton vs. Christian, Chris Jericho, and Wade Barrett

The Guns are out first to a great pop from the fans. The Guns jog down to the ring, high fiving a few fans on the way down there. They both slide into the ring, and pose for everyone. Orton’s music hits and the fans give him the loudest cheers of the night! Orton comes down to the ring, looking very serious. Orton gets into the ring, and eyes The Guns. Orton gets up on the second turnbuckle and performs his signature pose for all the fans. Orton’s music is cut, and then Jericho and Christian’s music begins. The tag team champions make their way down to the ring to numerous boos from all the GCF fans in the arena. The Champs stop at the bottom of the ramp, and then Wade Barrett’s music hits. The NXT season one winner makes his way down the ramp, stretching his arms out and staring at Orton on the way to the ring. Barrett pats his former NXT pro Jericho on the back and shakes Christian’s hand. The three men cautiously get into the ring, and discuss who will be going in first. Orton and Christian are the men who decide to start it off, as the bell rings and this one is underway! Christian runs over to Orton who reverses and slams Christian down with a snap scoop powerslam! Orton pounds his fist down and stares at Barrett. Orton turns back at the groggy Christian, and executes his signature backbreaker! Orton covers Christian, One, Two, Christian kicks out. Orton begins to stalk Christian, looking to hit his devastating RKO. Barrett though, begins to scream insults at an already angry Orton. Randy turns his attention to Wade, and walks over to him. Orton begs Wade to try something, but Barrett just smiles at Randy. With Randy distracted, Christian manages to sneakily tag Jericho. Barrett takes this opportunity to shove Orton, but before Randy can come back, he is hit with a vicious clothesline from Jericho. Wade begins laughing at his enemy’s pain, while Jericho attempts a pin, One, Two, Orton kicks out. Jericho gets off of Orton, and heads up to the top turnbuckle. Orton slowly gets to his feet, and when he does, Jericho jumps and connects with a missile dropkick! Jericho cover again, One, Two, Randy kicks out. Jericho slams his hands down, but then pulls Orton to his corner. Jericho tags in Christian, and the two perform a double team suplex to Randy. Christian stomps on Orton before he attempts another pin, One, Two, and Orton kicks out again! Christian wastes no time, as he tags in Jericho once again. Jericho gets into the ring, and the two champs execute a devastating Double DDT this time. Jericho goes for yet another pin on Orton, One, Two, Randy kicks out yet again! Jericho shouts at the ref to do his job and count the pin, but then he once again tags in Christian. Christian signals for Jericho to go to the top turnbuckle, while Christian holds Orton in place. Jericho dives off the top turnbuckle, attempting a cross body, but Orton moves and pushes Christian in front of it! Jericho accidentally hits his partner Christian with a diving cross body!! Jericho stands and tries to tell Christian he didn’t mean it, but is quickly leveled with a dropkick from Orton! Jericho rolls out of the ring, and Orton jumps over to his corner. Orton stretches his hand out, and manages to tag in Alex Shelley! Shelley hops into the ring, and is all over Christian with punches and kicks. Shelley drags Christian to the middle of the ring, and tags in Sabin. Shelley holds Christian’s head in place, and Sabin dropkicks Christian directly on the jaw! Shelley heads up to the top turnbuckle, as does Sabin. Shelley jumps first and connects a diving double foot stomp, and then Sabin immediately follows with a frog splash! Shelley rolls out of the ring, and Sabin goes over to pin Christian, but instead knocks Barrett off the ring apron with a Superkick! Shelley gets back in the ring, and the two both runs and jump over the ropes onto Jericho and Barrett! Sabin then slides back into the ring, and runs over to Christian, who is attempting to stand. Sabin then takes Christian out again with a vicious enziguri! Sabin finally covers Christian, One, Two, Christian kicks out! Sabin gets right up and tags in Shelley, who springboards into the ring, right onto Christian with a springboard splash! Shelley covers now, One, Two, Christian kicks out! Before Shelley can tag in Sabin again, Jericho runs in and hits Shelley down from behind! Jericho kicks Shelley while he is down, until Sabin runs in for the save. Sabin attacks Jericho, and is able to push him into the corner. While Sabin is busy with Jericho, Barrett sneaks back onto the ring apron and tags himself in. The referee saw it and he is now officially the legal man. Shelley is up, and he tells Sabin to whip Jericho over there. Shelley tries, but Jericho reverses and ends up tossing Shelley right into Sabin! Both men are stunned, and when Shelley turns back, he is greeted with a Codebreaker by Jericho! Christian is now up, and he measures Sabin for the Killswitch! Christian hooks the arms and puts him in position, but right before he slams Sabin down, Orton is the one now who sneaks a tag in. Christian slams Sabin down with the Killswitch, and this gives Jericho and himself a chance to taunt the crowd. The fans all boo, until they see Orton slither into the ring! Orton goes behind Christian, spins him around, and executes the RKO! Christian is out, and Jericho doesn’t even notice! Orton then taps on Jericho’s shoulder, and when Y2J turns around, he is hit with an RKO as well! Orton goes down to pin one of them, but is leveled with a boot from Barrett! Wade leans down and quickly puts Orton on his shoulders, in position for his finishing move! Barrett slams Orton down with a Wasteland out of nowhere!! Barrett pins Orton, One, Two, Three!!

Winners- Christian, Chris Jericho, and Wade Barrett!!

Barrett raises his hands in the air, and shouts to the fans that he is better than Randy Orton. Barrett turns around to scream to more fans, but is rocked with one of the GCF tag title belts! It’s Jay Lethal! Lethal snuck in, grabbed one of the titles, and just pounds Barrett’s face in with it! Lethal throws the belt to the outside, and turns to Orton. Randy is still down from the Wasteland, so Lethal heads up to the top turnbuckle. Lethal stands at the top, looking down at Orton with a disgusted look, and then delivers his signature elbow drop. Lethal stands, and looks at Orton and Barrett, who are completely out. Lethal rips off his shirt to reveal a referee shirt, the same shirt he will be wearing while at Survivor Series when he is the Special Guest ref for the Barrett-Orton match. Lethal stands over the fallen Orton and Barrett, wearing his ref shirt. Could this be the sight at Survivor Series?
We are brought to the back where there appears to be a fight going on. Two men are beating the absolute hell out of each other, while officials and security guards try to break it up. When they are pulled apart, we see that it’s IC Champion Tyler Black and Carlito! The two guys try to get at each other again, but the officials won’t let them touch each other. We then hear someone screaming for everybody to stop, and Jeff Jarrett walks in the middle of the ruckus. “You know what? If you two want to get your hands on each other so bad, I’m gonna make it happen. I wanna see it; the fans wanna see it; let’s do this at Survivor Series for the Intercontinental Championship. In fact, I’m gonna make this not just any ordinary match, but how about a……Ladder match? You to both have been fighting about how you’re gonna push each other off the ladder to success, so let’s see who actually can push the other off.” Jarrett walks away, leaving Black and Carlito to argue about the match.
”A Ladder match at Survivor Series?! That’s freaking awesome Cole!”  “Tyler Black and Carlito are two of the most talented men in GCF! Their Survivor Series match will be amazing for sure!”  You think you know me!

Edge vs. Orlando Jordan

Edge makes his way out with his World Title, and he gets a huge roar of love from the Cleveland fans. Edge comes down to the ring, and slides in. Edge shows his World Heavyweight title to everyone in the arena, and they love it. Jordan’s music hit, and the very bizarre superstar comes down to the ring with a very odd attire. Jordan is covered in glitter and at the top of the ramp, pulls out some lotion. Jordan pours the lotion all over himself, while Edge cringes in the ring. Jordan makes his way down to the ring, and Edge is fake gagging in the ring, which angers Jordan. Orlando slides in, getting the lotion all over the ring apron. The referee rings the bell, and Jordan walks over to lock up. Edge looks him over, and then just hits him with a vicious boot! Edge leans down to pick Jordan up, but then pulls back and just decides that he doesn’t want to touch him. He lets Jordan get to his feet, and when he does, Edge connects with his signature DDT! Edge gets ready to Spear Jordan, but he notices the lotion all over Orlando’s gut. Edge face palms and slides out of the ring. Edge walks over to the bell keeper and orders him to give him a shirt. The bell keeper at refuses, but Edge intimidates him into giving up his shirt. The bell keeper covers up with a towel, and Edge slide back into the ring. Orlando is just getting up, but Edge still walks over and forces the shirt onto Orlando. Edge then runs against the ropes, and when he gets back to Orlando, he connects with the Spear!! Edge covers, One, Two, Three.

Winner- Edge

Edge kicks Jordan out of the ring, and then wipes his boot against the ring. Edge gets his title and walks back up the ramp. He celebrates with the fans, telling them that this won’t be the last time they see him tonight. Edge goes to the back, and so do we, as we are brought to the GM’s office, where Jeff looks excited.
Jeff is talking to himself about something, but still has an excited look on his face. Bischoff walks in, and demands to know why Jarrett made that Ladder match without telling him. Jarrett responds by saying it was a heat of the moment thing and that Eric can’t dampen his mood. Eric responds, “What are you so pumped about huh?”  Jeff says, “Don’t you remember? Tonight is Booker T vs. Matt Morgan for the TV Title?! It is gonna be great!”  “Jeff, I gave Matt the night off.”  “What?! I told you Eric! I told you I wanted this match to happen tonight!” Eric sarcastically replies, “Sorry Jeff, but it’s too late now. Matt’s great aunt Susan wanted him to help her with the groceries. I couldn’t let him miss that!”  “Listen Eric! I know that you and Morgan are planning something! Where is Sheamus?! I haven’t seen him since YOU talked to him!”  “Don’t worry about that Jeff, just worry about that wonder IC Title match you made.”  Bischoff laughs and leaves the room, leaving Jarrett looking really pissed off.
”Oh man Cole! Jeff is fuming!”  “Well Eric shouldn’t be giving champions nights off for no reason! He has been doing that a lot lately, especially with Morgan.” Pope is Pimpin, Aaaaahh!

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Primo

Pope enters to a mixed reaction from the crowd, as most of them don’t like that he disrespected the World Champion Edge last week. The money comes raining down, and Pope comes down to the ring with a huge smile. Pope walks up the stairs, and gets into the ring. Pope takes off his jacket, and he confidently smiles at everybody. Primo’s music hits, and he doesn’t really get any reaction at all. Primo just comes down the ramp, and then slides into the ring. Primo stretches before the match and the bell rings. Primo stays in his corner, but Pope runs right at him, and goes for his signature knees to the face, but Primo ducks underneath it! Primo backs away from Pope, but then signals for a lock up. Pope moves in, but just like last week, instead just Pimp Slaps his opponent hard! Primo grabs his face, but Pope drops him down to the mat with an STO! Pope gets his congregation ready for a win! Primo stands up in the turnbuckle, while Pope takes his kneepads down, and measures. Primo gets to his feet in the corner, but with his back turned to Pope! Dinero takes the opportunity, and executes the DDE!!! Pope pulls Primo away from the ropes, and attempts his first pin of the match, Uno, Dos, Tres! Pope gets the pin fall!

Winner- Pope

Pope stands and celebrates with his fans. Pope gets up to the second turnbuckle and raises his hand for the crowd. While Pope is posing, Edge slides in the ring at the opposite corner, and gets ready for a Spear! Pope jumps down from the turnbuckle, and is flattened with a Spear by Edge! Edge puts his head into Pope’s ear and whispers some insults, and then throws his hands up in his signature pose. “What a win for Pope, but it’s Edge who has the last laugh, Tazz!”  “This rivalry between Edge and Pope is getting worse; November 28th at Survivor Series is going to be awesome!”  “We are out of time everybody, be here next week for Impact Raw!!” The last shot is of Edge standing over Pope with his hand raised high.