Exhibition Game To Kick Off Citi Field: Say What?

Tommy MarcusCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

According to the Providence Journal, the New York Mets are set to play their first ever game at Citi Field...as an exhibition.

The Red Sox will open up Citi Field in a two-game exhibition series over the final weekend of exhibition play.

The Mets have done plenty of things that have just blown my mind, but this one, to me, is the worst decision of all time. As a big New York Mets fan, as well as a proud attendee of five-straight Mets opening days, this announcement totally gets my excitement down as far as ambition to go to opening day.

Opening day will mean an enormous amount less to me, and any other Mets fan, because it just simply isn't what it was meant to be: The first game ever played at Citi Field. 

Thinking about the incredible amount of money they will charge to see this "first game" (rather, exhibition game) ever played at Citi field makes me sick to my stomach.

This is just another flaw in a less-than-perfect Mets organization.

Have a concert, have a party, but don't have a damn baseball game right before the stadium opens. It just makes no sense.