Carolina Panthers Midseason Report: Outrageously Bad Offense

George Anderson@BigChow73Analyst IINovember 10, 2010

Finally, the halfway mark to the season.

Of course, for Panthers fans, it’s just eight more weeks of losing. The Panthers, now 1-7, have so many problems that it wouldn't make a difference if even the great Vince Lombardi came back to coach.

The Panthers are so bad, guys actually want to do home-improvement projects.

The Panthers are so bad, I’m rooting for the Buffalo Bills.

The Panthers are so bad, if they faced 2001’s 1-15 team, they would get stomped.

The Panthers are so bad…you get the idea.

Sorry fans, but including optimism in this article would be a crime.



The Carolina Panthers are sporting the league’s worst offense, and it’s not even close.

The Panthers are averaging 11 points per game. If they only calculated points that came when the game was close, the average would be more like five.


Quarterbacks: F-

Here’s our current quarterback situation.

Our starter, Matt Moore, was benched, promoted and is now done for the year due to an injury. Jimmy Clausen may be a rookie, but right now every other quarterback from the 2010 draft is excelling except Clausen.

He cannot throw deep or make smart decisions.

Then there is Tony Pike. He did just as well against the Saints as Clausen did, except in less attempts.

Oh, I almost forgot Armanti Edwards.

Yes, the quarterback/receiver/nothing that our management decided was worth next year’s second-round pick. He does not even dress most games, let alone play (Great Choice!).


Running Backs: D- 

Whether our running game has suffered from a pathetic passing game or they are just bad is a hard to tell.

But they are bad.

DeAngelo Williams is injured and has not gone over 100 yards rushing in a game all season (the blame is partially on the offensive coordinator not giving him the ball more). Plus, the one time he was really neededthe first Saints gamehe failed and lost the team four yards instead of gaining yards.

Then there is Jonathan Stewart, also injured, who has yet to come close to getting 100 yards in a game.

He was given his chance to start and finally prove all those people who thought it would be good to trade DeAngelo right. But he gets injured in his second game and only rushes for 60 yards combined over the two games.

He will probably be back before Williams, but does it matter?

Luckily, the Panthers are the deepest team in the league at running back, right?

Well, when the backup, Tyrell Sutton, gets injured, it’s a sign that this is just going to be a bad year. Sutton was running well, as he had 40 yards rushing, before he caught the injury bug.

The last hope is Mike Goodson, the one who had been injured last year. Goodson has been pretty explosive on the rare occasion Davidson gives him the ball.

He has also been a factor in the passing game and is one of our top receiverssad isn’t it?

Until this group returns to form, Carolina will have a tough time getting into double digits in scoring.


Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends: F+

What happens when your entire receiving core is made of rookies and your best receiver has given up?

Answer: The Carolina Panthers and the worst offense in recent memory.

Steve Smith has done nothing since the first couple games, and most forget he is even on the team. Why is our best offensive player not touching the ball until the fourth quarter?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. I’d ask Davidson, but chances are he doesn’t know what half the playbook is.

Smith is not getting any younger, and it would hurt to see this year be one of the last, if not the last, years with the Panthers.

The rest of the receivers are rookies and outcasts. Brandon LaFell and David Gettis have shown glimpses of NFL talent, but it comes and goes.

Gettis especially has shown potential with his 125-yard, two-touchdown performance in Carolina’s only win against the 49ers. They are part of Carolina’s future, but it’s hard to watch when players like Mike Williams of the Bucs are having great rookie years.

Then again, he actually has a quarterback throwing to him.

As for the outcasts, Devin Thomas and Clowney have done nothing but be injured. Those were such great pickups; thank you, management.

The tight ends are hard to judge. They are used like additional lineman, and Davidson still doesn’t believe a tight end can catch.

We have the right group to be successful, but they aren’t being used to their full potential. Jeff King is still the best blocker, Dante Rosario is still the fastest, and Gary Barnidge is still the most talented.

It would be great to have Clausen use them more, as it is said a tight end is every young quarterback’s best friend.


Offensive Line: F-

I don’t know if the expectations were too high or if they got it in their heads that they will just be great on gameday, but the offensive line sucks.

Jordan Gross may be physically healthy, but he is nowhere near the Pro Bowl form everyone is used to seeing. Ryan Kalil is not bad this year, but he often looks overpowered.

Travelle Wharton is the only solid part of the line, and maybe shuffling him and Gross back to their original positions would help improve them and the line.

Geoff Schwartz is the new right guard because Mackenzy Bernadeau could not hack it on the right side. Schwartz was moved from right tackle, where he was supposed to be just the backup, but Jeff Otah’s “minor setback” has put him on the injured reserve.

He’s done a good job, and Gary Williams now takes over at right tackle. Not having Otah hurt, but there is something more troubling the line, and it’s bringing down the team. 


For lack of a better word, WE SUCK!

We score 11 points per game, have no running game, no quarterback and the Buffalo Bills are more of a powerhouse. I’m not exonerating the front office or Jeff Davidson, but saying that they were wrong and should go find another job would just be redundant.

I do not know what I will do on Sundays now, but at least I won’t have to watch Carolina NOT score.   


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