Bleacher Report Announces Contest!

Alan BassSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

Bleacher Report has just announced that there will be a contest, running from September 2 until December 9, 2008.  The exact information can be found here.

Basically, the contest is that whoever gets the most pick of the day votes from the start to the end date will win a ticket to the BCS championship game.

This is indeed going to be a tough contest, and I wouldn't be surprised to see people writing hundreds of articles in the next few months in order to get as many votes as they can.

But what I'm curious to see is who people think will win this competition.

I am listing the top ten front page writers, along with a bunch of other writers that I think have a chance of winning.  Feel free to add people to this list through editing.  

Yes, you can even add yourself, even if you feel bad putting yourself on it.  I would feel worse if I forgot someone.

Let me know who you think will win, and I will tally up the votes to have Bleacher Creatures' pick for who will win the contest.

  1. BabyTate
  2. Cody Blubaugh
  3. Dan Boss
  4. Thomas Brown
  5. M J Buchanon
  6. Timothy Croley
  7. Jimson Cuenta
  8. Pete Dymeck *
  9. Michael the Gatorman
  10. Justin Goar
  11. Gray Ghost
  12. Kristofer Green
  13. Justin Hokanson
  14. Lisa Horne
  15. Andrew Kneeland
  16. Roy LaFaver *
  17. Miami Mitch
  18. Joseph Morgan
  19. Curly Morris
  20. David Nethers *
  21. Nicholas Pardini
  22. Kevin Paul
  23. Paul Peszko
  24. Dale Plymale *
  25. Tim Pollock
  26. Brian Scott
  27. Will Shelton
  28. Michael Shibley
  29. Wil Stillwell-Edler
  30. Ben Weixlmann
  31. David Williams
  32. Lew Wright
  33. David Wunderlich

*ROTM Candidates

Add your name if you think you have a chance at winning, or if you just want to feel special.