The Brian Kendrick Who?

Kyle BeanContributor IAugust 27, 2008

As of late, The Brian Kendrick has been receiving a major push on WWE Smackdown! From being a former WWE Tag Team Champion, does The Brian Kendrick deserve this push? Being involved in The Championship Scramble at Unforgiven, The Brian Kendrick is the smallest competitor in the match. Size isn't everything (Rey Mysterio) but I feel there are more deserving superstars on the brand. Here are 5 superstars that deserve to be in the Scramble more than The Brian Kendrick.


1. Umaga: The Samoan Bulldozer has battled with the likes of John Cena, Bobby Lashely, and Triple H. Umaga is one of the most destructive superstars in the business, and looking at the stature of the superstars in the Scramble, adding some size would make things interesting.


2. Vladimir Kozlov. If The Brian Kendrick is deserving of a push then so is Kozlov. The Russian Destroyer has shown that he is the true heavy-hitter on Smackdown!, decimating Festus in an almost squash. Kozlov's athleticism would add an interesting element to the Scramble.


3. The Big Show. Enough said. The Big Show is always deserving of a title shot.


4. Mr. Kennedy. Dislocated shoulder aside, Mr. Kennedy should be in this match. Its unfortunate how company politics work.


5. Carlito. Carlito is the ring. Carlito is a very talented athlete. A good push as a face could really set his career off. Too bad he decided to open his mouth about Triple H and Stephenie Mac.


This list is purely my opinion and I would hope that not everyone agree with it. If you feel there is an error in this list, feel free to comment about the article appropriately.