Robinho On The Verge of Signing for Chelsea

bob geldoffContributor IAugust 27, 2008

This could be the start of something amazing. This player is one of the finest footballers Brazil has to offer, and English Premier League side Chelsea are on the verge of signing him. This player came from a dirt poor family to become a Brazilian football superstar.

Chelsea will make him the world's best. That's their (Chelsea's) plan and Robinho's plan.

He reminds me a bit like Defoe (Portsmouth); not the biggest fellow but he is fast, slick, and has a great touch. The difference between Defoe and Robino is that Robinho has the technical ability as fine as Cristiano Ronaldo; the only thing missing from Robinho is height to head the ball, but that's why Didier Drogba is on his side.

Chelsea are aiming high this season with signing the likes of Deco and Robinho. The other teams around England and Europe are watching out; Chelsea have players made for the Champions League, Chelsea have players who's careers were made in the Champions League and their new signing has proved to be great in Europe.