John Cena Needs a Heel Turn...BADLY!

James TurnerCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

    Now I don't know what it is but I love the fact that Cena is such a hated superstar by most adult WWE fans. I like the guy personally. He seems like a actual genuine human being, unlike most people you may come across these days. He loves what he does and that's going out there every week giving it his all. There are times where I can get annoy of Cena, but I get annoyed with my best friends all the time. Things that they do just blow me. Cena doesn't really get on my nerves to that level. But he's corny at times. And that can be annoying as a wrestling fan because I don't like corny people, especially wrestlers. I do admire and respect how much he respects his work. I don't think there is anyone in that WWE locker room that probably works as hard as him.

    It's now time to refreshen Cena. He has been long overdue for a heel turn. I know he is the biggest start in the WWE in terms of reaction and merchandise. But its time to give his character a swerve. You can even tell that Cena wants something new to his character. A heel turn is exactly what he needs to build his character to another level. Something in the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin did back at Wrestlemania 17 when Austin beat The Rock for the WWE Championship. But not before screwing The Rock over by siding with Vince McMahon, Austin's #1 enemy since he came into the WWE. The shock value to that was amazing. No one seen it coming. And I usually always predict outcomes of matches. This one caught me out of left field. That is exactly what they need to do to Cena. Give the crowd a reason to hate him.

    The surgery to his neck that he suffered at Summerslam to Batista was a full success. Doctors said that Cena should be fully able to get back into the ring in 2-4 months. Now let's say he does take the whole four months off. He can be back just in time for the Royal Rumble. Maybe he can even return back right before the Royal Rumble like at Armagedon (hopefully it becomes Starrcade this year. Doubt it though). He can come back and maybe screw Batista out of the World Title. Screw someone who is a major face. Batista seems fitting since he is the reason that put Cena on the shelf and now he's missing out on his title shot at Unforgiven. Cena can actually beat the hell out of Batista to the point where Batista might have to take a few weeks off. Then, have Cena win the Royal Rumble again but this time as a heel so he's hated by everyone which will make the Rumble victory even more shocking. He will be in the category with The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold for guys who have won two Royal Rumbles. Correct me if I'm wrong if The Rock or Austin didn't win two Royal Rumbles. Well, I know Stone Cold won two of them, just not back to back. Cena getting the Rumble would pretty much make a money Wrestlemania match, especially if CM Punk is still champion by then. Punk should be over with the fans even more by then.

    If that doesn't work, maybe he gets screw out of the Rumble victory when him and Batista eliminate each other, then they continue to brawl with one another. That can set up the proper buildup for these two going into Wrestlemania 25. Both said they wanted some good buildup before their Summerslam match well here you go. And people said that WWE messed up a good money match between these two by putting them in the ring at Summerslam. If anything, that match should be the start of a rivalry that can be quite interesting and bring out the best out of these two. They can put on some good gimmick matches with one another. Each one getting victories over one another. Whatever happens, Cena needs to become heel.

    If people don't remember, Cena played a hell of a heel during his first year at the WWE. He turned to that rap gimmick during the Halloween special of Smackdown 2002. He came out with freestyles with B2 aka Bull Buchanon (waste of talent). He got injured by Lesnar and use that injury to win the Smackdown WWE Title tournament in which he beat Rikishi, Undertaker and Chris Benoit in singles matches to win a title match against Lesnar at Backlash. At this time, he wasn't even a year into the WWE and he was headlining a PPV with a title shot. He played that heel role a whole year until that Survivor Series 2003 where he teamed with Team Angle to fight Team Lesnar. So Cena can play the heel role. Trust and believe. Vince doesn't want him heel because he's the biggest face but also the most hated. But turning Cena heel would create some classic storylines, give good shock value to the WWE, new rivalries, and more importantly, give the fans a legit reason to hate him. Now instead of people booing Cena because they don't like him they just be booing him because he's bringing it out of them.

    If John Cena draws boos as the biggest face in the WWE, just imagine all that anger he has built up inside of him to draw massive boos out of everyone. He can be the Edge of Raw. Edge is the biggest heel in WWE, then Chris Jericho. Cena can easily surpass both these wrestlers if he was to turn heel. And what would make his heel run so successful is the fact that the fans that boo him really think Cena isn't an important factor to the success of the WWE. Cena haters think he's shoved down our throats or he has held the title too long which I technically don't believe but many others have said. Just wait till that heel turn where he's always on TV. I just want to see that heel turn so badly. This will elevate him into pro wrestling's #1 heel. John Cena would be the biggest heel in professional wrestling if his heel turn is use correctly. No more trash talking about him then. He will be doing the trash talking right back, which is something he has up his sleeve. Trust and believe...John Cena is here to stay. Hey, he might even earn the Cena haters respect once and for all.