In The Words Of Joe B, "Oh, The Pain"

Eric BrennerAnalyst IAugust 27, 2008

I have just one question:

Why cant the Mets just lose normally?

Why does it always have to be some extravagant, anguish filled, monumental collapse-type loss to these Phillies?

But anyway, when I came to today, I noticed that there were no articles by our many Mets columnists about last night's game. And I understand why.

I feel exactly what you feel. I couldn't sleep last night, despite staying up until 1 AM watching the horror unfold. So today I drag around at work, kind of in a daze.

But fellow Mets fans let us not lose faith. It's hard to do after last night, but we've got our ace on the Mound tonight, a game in which I will be attending.

So I will stand my ground and defend our team with all I've got against those Philadelphia fans. I ask that you do the same. Because Jimmy Rollins, we Mets fans are not front runners.

So lets stand by our team, no matter what. We all know the saying, 'Ya Gotta Believe.'

Lets do this Mets.