Celestino Caballero Calls Out Juan Manuel Lopez and Freddie Roach Gets Serious

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 10, 2010

There is a lot of news floating out there at the moment, so I decided to wrap it all up here. The first piece comes from one of my favorite fighters Celestino Caballero.

He really wants to fight Juan Manuel Lopez and after brawling with some of his team members over the weekend, he made this video. He doesn’t speak perfect English, but he gets his point across.

With Lopez coming off a career best win and Caballero scheduled to fight Jason Litzau on November 27 in Las Vegas, this fight seems right.

Caballero should beat Litzau and HBO obviously has interest in Caballero. The only roadblock could be the fact that Lopez has fought on Showtime in his last two bouts, but has gotten love from HBO in the past.

Hardcore boxing fans want this one and I have said before that Caballero will rule the 126 pound division. He has the frame to give any fighter problems and I honestly believe he could beat Lopez.

I may not agree that Lopez is a chicken, but he would lose my respect if he dodges this fight. Lets stop the talk and get to fighting.

The next bit of news comes from the three fighters left in the Super Six. All three said they were impressed by Glen Johnson’s knockout win.

Andre Ward:

"I think Glen Johnson put on a good show and did what he had to do in his fight with Allan Green. I wasn't shocked by the outcome. I anticipated something like that happening. With the type of fight they had and they pace they fought at, it was hard to tell what impact fighting at 168 had on Glen. With that said, he did what he needed to do on Saturday night and I take my hat off to him."

Arthur Abraham:

"I was impressed by Glen Johnson. You could see what experience and class can do inside the ring. It is very remarkable that at the age of 41 he knocks out a young man like Green. That was a strong performance.''

Carl Froch:

"The win over Allan Green was a good one and the old fella looked game and determined. He made the weight comfortably and seemed happier at 168 pounds. I think Johnson brings a different dimension to the Super Six as a fighter. One thing this tournament has shown is how we're all very different in our approach. We're all very unique in that sense. I like people who come to fight and therefore I'm all in favor of Johnson's inclusion. Ken Hershman has done well to bring ‘The Road Warrior' in at such short notice."


They would be crazy to not be impressed after that win. He looked good at the weight and is going to cause a problem for any fighter he faces in the tournament.

The last bit of news comes from always entertaining trainer Freddie Roach. He says that Antonio Margarito is an attempted murderer. He has never made up his mind on the matter and says he is open to Margarito redeeming himself.

At any rate he is just trying to sell a fight and to use something like this that could of killed a man seems not right to me. He does what he has to do and takes the spotlight off Manny Pacquaio.

He is an important role he plays and he does it very well.

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