NFL Midseason Super Bowl Predictions: How Will Each Team Finish Their Seasons?

Zack LessnerCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2016

NFL Midseason Super Bowl Predictions: How Will Each Team Finish Their Seasons?

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    The NFL season might only be through week 9, but we have already gotten our first half impression of the teams. Everyone needs a revised prediction of their preseason picks, because surprises have been thrown in every which way since the season has started.

    I need to redeem myself for my own preseason picks, choosing the Cowboys to play in the NFC championship game and the Raiders and Chiefs battling it out to keep out of the cellar in the AFC West.

    Which teams will prove that they are not a fluke, and which will make a dramatic mid-season turnaround?


    *Wild Card Winner

AFC East

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    The Jets and the Patriots will be neck and neck throughout the rest of the season fighting for the title of AFC East champions.

    As of now, the Dolphins are still in the race, but the rest of the season will show that their defense is nowhere close to the Jets' D, while the Dolphins offense falls short to the Patriots'.

    The Bills have shown signs of life in the past few weeks, but they still haven't shown as reason as to if they will turn it around in the near future.

    Both the Jets and the Patriots will make the playoffs, so it is not all that important who comes out on top of the division. But out of the two, I have to give the X-factor to the Patriots, because no team is as consistent and experienced as Tom Brady's.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                      W    L

    Patriots      12     4

    Jets*           11     5

    Dolphins     8      8

    Bills            2      14


AFC North

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    What a complete surprise this division has been so far. The Bengals haven't delivered the way their two big mouth receivers said they would in the pre-season, and the Steelers have proved that they can play with and without knucklehead Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

    The Browns have been a bit of surprise with three wins, with an absolute shocker of the first place Pats. But don't expect anything to carry over to the second half, with still too many question marks at every position besides RB. 

    The Bengals have been too drawn up in hype all season, and before they know it, a season with so much potential will have turned into a lost cause.

    The division is really up for grabs between two of the best defensive minded teams in the league. The Ravens have already beaten the Steelers this year at Heinz Field, so I only have them with the edge because it should be expected that they take the tiebreaker by beating them at home.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                           W      L

    Ravens            12     4

    Steelers*         12      4

    Bengals           6       10

    Browns            5       11

AFC South

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    In a division with no elite teams and no blowup teams, a surprise team could definitely come out. But odds are, Peyton won't let that happen.

    The Jaguars are just an average team, with an explosive offense at times. The defensive could be the problem, stopping the Jaguars from emerging any farther.

    The Patriots got rid of Randy Moss for a reason, and trouble seemed to follow him in Minnesota. The Titans seem to have some swagger, but Vince Young is just not ready to advance the passing attack to the next level.

    Texans- See Jaguars

    As long as the Colts have Peyton Manning under center, their chances are better than anyone's. They may have gotten some unlucky injury breaks, but Manning is too talented of a QB to let that get to him.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                        W        L

    Colts            11        5

    Titans          9          7

    Texans        8          8

    Jaguars       7          9

AFC West

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    This could be the biggest surprise division in football. The Chargers looked to be the runaway winners after winning 13 games last year, yet they have drastically underperformed. The Chiefs and Raiders have emerged as the front runners for the division this year, after years of embarrassment.

    The Broncos haven't had anything going for them since the first half last year, and no part of their game suggests a turnaround from the huge hole they have dug themselves in so far.

    After their most exciting win in years for the Raiders against the Chiefs, Bay area fans are hopeful that their team can maintain their successful ways. Unfortunately for them, sooner or later defenses will realize that Oakland has no passing game. When that time comes, Darren McFadden and Michael Bush will have opposing defenses focus more in on them.

    The Chargers are too talented of a team to continue playing under .500 football. They will give the Chiefs a run for their money, but with already two divisional losses including one to the Chiefs, they don't have enough tiebreakers to edge them out.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                         W         L

    Chiefs           9           7

    Chargers       9           7

    Raiders         8           8

    Broncos        6           10

NFC East

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    Much change has happened to this division since the end of last season. A franchise Quarterback was traded within the division, and another team went from first to worst. The fight for consistency has been a major theme for all the teams in this division besides the Giants.

    What's more to say about the biggest disappointment team in the NFL. Even before Tony Romo went down with a potential season ending injury, the Cowboys couldn't figure anything out. They fired the coach that led them to their first playoff game win in 13 years last season, so the rest of this season for them should be an uphill climb.

    The Redskins have won their four games this year by an average of 4.25 points, and with McNabb deteriorating, they are in no position of posing a threat to the Giants or Eagles.

    The Giants have been the most consistent team in the NFL this season, while the Eagles' up and down season is back on the upside again after a huge win against the Colts. Both teams should make the playoffs easily in this paper thin NFC, but with an early season home loss to the Redskins, the Eagles have a bit of a disadvantage against the Giants.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                          W           L

    Giants            12          4

    Eagles*           12          4

    Redskins         6           10

    Cowboys        4           12

NFC North

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    There is little surprise in this division, with the Vikings being the only acceptation. The Packers have not disappointed since being most peoples' preseason picks to win the division.

    The Lions have shown some flashes here and there of being a team to contend with in the future. But we are still in the present, and the Lions have too many holes on defense. The Lions show many flashes of future things to come on this team, but they aren't consistent yet, especially if Matthew Stafford is forced to miss any more time.

    Until the Bears can protect Jay Cutler, they will never be a serious threat.

    The Vikings have been a mess ever since failing to get to the Super Bowl last year. Failed experiment Randy Moss and injured star receiver Sidney Rice prove to be factors of the Vikings underachieving, but the main problem is that all of Brett Favre's 41 years have caught up to him. 

    Aaron Rodgers has proven to be a very capable replacement of Brett Favre and then some, while linebacker Clay Matthews is on pace to be the defensive player of the year.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                         W          L

    Packers         11         5

    Vikings          7           9

    Bears            7           9

    Lions            5            11

NFC South

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    As of week 9, all teams in this division besides the Panthers have a legitimate shot at winning the division. The defending Super Bowl champs have been no surprise, but Matt Ryan's Atlanta Falcons and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been more than prepared for this first half.

    Remember when the Panthers were the two seed in the playoffs a few seasons ago? That seems like decades ago for Carolina fans. There are no positions on their team in which they can feel confident in. All the Panthers can feel confident in is getting a top pick in the draft next year.

    The Bucs' 5 and 3 record may seem impressive, but don't get fooled. The five teams they beat were the Browns, Panthers, Bengals, Rams, and Cardinals. With their second half schedule set to be a little bit tougher, expect the Bucs to fade fast, especially with no consistent quarterback.

    The Falcons are a rejuvenated team from last year. The offense is once again explosive, with Matt Ryan hooking up with Roddy White for huge plays. It's just tough to bet against the Saints, considering that their top two running backs have been out for weeks now. The Saints are still one of the top teams in the NFL, but the Falcons are no team to overlook come playoff time.


    Projected End of the Year Standings

                           W        L

    Saints             12        4

    Falcons*          11        5

    Buccaneers     7         9

    Panthers          2        14

NFC West

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    Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    This is potentially the worst division in history. The winner of this division gets the honor of being slaughtered in the first round of the playoffs. If this division plays out like it should, the winner will potentially have a losing record.

    The Cardinals are just awful, turning the ball over left and right. Too bad the defense can't make up for the sloppy offensive play.

    The Seahawks? Come on! Who do they have that will make them a winning team?

    The Rams have the brightest future out of all the teams in this division, but Sam Bradford is still just a rookie.

    As bad as the 49ers are this season, their rest of the season schedule and their division play out really nice for them. The Niners have a solid running game, and a defense that won't explode in their face.






    Projected End of the Year Standings

                          W       L

    49ers              7         9

    Rams             6         10

    Seahawks     6          10

    Cardinals      6          10

Playoff Predictions

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


    Wild Card Weekend

    Jets @ Colts

    Steelers @ Chiefs 


    Divisional Round

    Steelers @ Ravens

    Colts @ Patriots


    AFC Championship Game

    Colts @ Ravens



    Wild Card Weekend

    Falcons @ Packers

    Eagles @ 49ers


    Divisional Round

    Packers @ Saints

    Eagles @ Giants


    NFC Championship Game

    Eagles @ Packers


    Super Bowl

    Aaron Rodgers makes Brett Favre look even worse, winning MVP of the Super Bowl.

    Packers 24   Ravens 20

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