Giants Must Now Rely On Manning

Warren WhiteContributor IAugust 27, 2008

Now that the Strahan drama has quickly ended with his decision to stay retired, the New York Giants need to take a different course to success. The Giants lost five defensive starters going into this season. Eli Manning and the offense need to step up and make things happen.  

The Giants will find themselves in the unfamiliar position of having to out score opponents to win games. This could translate into mediocrity following their incredible Superbowl triumph.

With that said, even the offense has it's challenges going in, Toomer is getting older and starting to look so, how long once Bradshaw returns from jail will it take to be ready, can Kevin Boss "really" fill the bill replacing Shockey? Here's what will be, Toomer will spend more time resting injuries than catching passes this season.  

Ward will do well enough to make Bradshaw old news, unless he does something really special. Boss will not be the "Boss" but he won't be terrible. The good news is Jacobs will repeat his 1,000 yard season, the young receivers will have plenty opportunity to shine, and Eli will make more plays on his own, now that his confidence is soaring.

The Gents finish a respectable 9 -7, but give up more points than they have in years.