Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito: 5 Reasons the Pacman Will Eat Up Margarito

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Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito: 5 Reasons the Pacman Will Eat Up Margarito
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It was honestly hard to come up with five reasons why Margarito will win.

But for Pacquiao, it was too easy. The hard part was picking only five.

He has almost every advantage, and he knows how to use them. These are the five that I think will play the biggest role.

1. Hand Speed

His hand speed is far better than Margarito‘s.

He will be able to get off faster. Margarito hasn’t seen hand speed like this and will have trouble dealing with it.

On top of that, Margarito is one of the slowest fighters in boxing today.

2. Foot Speed

Pacquiao will have the advantage of getting inside and moving outside very quickly.

He isn’t going to want to stand toe-to-toe with Margarito all night.

He will also be able to move around. That means Margarito won’t be able to get set and throw his power shots.

Foot speed is going to be a big factor in his fight.

3. Chin

Pacquiao has a good chin, and he has shown it over the years.

It was suspect in his earlier years, but it is a non-issue now.

The last time he went down was in 1999, when he was knocked out by Medgoen Singsurat. The past 11 years, his chin has stood up to bigger and bigger men.

This will be a big test because Margarito is the most powerful man he has faced.

4. Power

This one goes to Pacquiao but not by much.

He has better one-punch power. But if he gets hit cleanly enough and the fight drags on, his power advantage might disappear.

5. Trainer

Freddie Roach has matched wits with every trainer he has faced and come out on top.

He is a master game planner and has been with Pacquiao for ages.

Roberto Garcia is a good trainer in his own right. But he hasn’t been with Margarito long and this is his first big-time fight.

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