WWE Drops the Ball Again: Aksana's Heel Turn a Million Dollar Mistake

Renee GerberCorrespondent INovember 9, 2010

Maryse and Aksana wrestle with the Million Dollar belt, photo copyright to WWE.com
Maryse and Aksana wrestle with the Million Dollar belt, photo copyright to WWE.com

Hello there, Bleachers!

I am back with a new article, though this one probably should have been written last week. Regardless, I hope it's worth your while, as this thought has been on my mind since last week's special NXT episode that featured the wedding of Goldust and his rookie, Aksana.

I'm not going to mince words—although I was very surprised that the Lithuanian-born aspiring diva turned heel on her brand new husband—I feel that turning Aksana heel at this point in time was a big mistake by the WWE.

On one hand, the angle would make for a great storyline. We have a heartbroken young woman from another country, who is in the United States illegally, as her visa has just recently expired. A white knight swoops in and promises to make things better for her by marrying her to keep her in the country so that she can aspire toward her dreams of becoming the next WWE diva. The two end up falling madly in love, or so we think.

Meanwhile, the girl is planning, scheming and plotting, and after she gets exactly what she wants, she reveals her true colors and ditches the brand new husband she duped from day one. The drama promises lots of twists and turns and even more drama where that came from.

All of that would work if the storyline were only involving Aksana and Goldust alone...but what about the Million Dollar Couple, Ted DiBiase and Maryse?

Somehow, in the midst of creating this extremely dramatic angle, the WWE forgot about the feud between the two couples.

I think this was a very bad move. The feud was by no means a focus on RAW, but at least it made things interesting for Maryse and her Million Dollar guy. It seems that DiBiase and Goldust may still battle one another for the Million Dollar belt, but Maryse gets lost in the shuffle in the process since Aksana will no longer be by Goldie's side.

One thing could possibly save this storyline and give the Sexiest of the Sexy an interesting twist—Maryse taking Aksana under her wing. Since the French-Canadian called the rookie a "Maryse wannabe," could it be possible that the two will team up so the diva can mold the diva hopeful?

Knowing the way the WWE operates, especially when it comes to its female talent, it's doubtful that this will actually happen. However, they could have Aksana running out to interfere during Goldust's matches and distract him so that he loses. Or will she try and claim the Million Dollar belt for her own, thus sparking even more anger and definite retaliation from Ted DiBiase and Maryse?

I am curious to see what happens tonight on NXT. I understand that the WWE felt a need to turn one of its rookie divas heel in the midst of Maxine—NXT's one and only heel hopeful—being eliminated last week, but I think it would have been better to wait until the Golden, Million Dollar feud saw an actual end.