Chris Jericho: Happy Birthday To WWE Legend

John KindelanAnalyst IIINovember 9, 2010

Chris Jericho: Happy Birthday To WWE Legend

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    Turning the big 4-0 today, the one and only, the highlight of the night, the ayatollah of Rock and Rollah Mr. Chris Jericho.

    While he may not be gracing us lately on Monday and Friday nights you have to give a man props whose dream it was growing up was to be a rock star and a pro wrestler and now he's doing both.

    Not too many people grow up and become exactly what they always wanted, especially those two things, if that were the case I would be Spider-Man and a reporter, oh well.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Chris Jericho

    Hope your having a good one. Thought I'd throw together a quick slide show of some highlights.

You Have to Have Cake on Your Birthday

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    None of us will forget this night, whether it be because Jericho just tore Stephanie apart calling her a four flushing trash bag ho, or maybe it was the cake to the face, or maybe it was the fact that he came to the ring with guys in Planet of the Apes suits.

    I'm pretty sure its the guys in the Planet of the Apes suits.

    Weirdest tie in to a movie ever.

Iron Man 3, Anyone?

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    The Jericho vs. Mickey Rourke bit was fantastic, but the real magic wasn't in the ring at the end of this feud. The best part was Jericho just tearing Mickey Rourke apart on Larry King Live.

    I don't know if anyone expected it, he was just so casual about it that it didn't come across as cutting a promo it came across as Jericho legitimately just putting Mickey Rourke in his place.

    And while we would all love to see Chris pop up in an Iron Man movie, I don't know if that will happen because of two words: Android Apocalypse.


Actual Retail Price...

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    The price is wrong Bob!

    This is where you know Chris is great: He picked a fight with Bob Barker, and while everyone was laughing, he kept a deadpan face and went toe to toe with the master of The Price is Right.

    The fact that he was wearing his name tag on his bare chest just adds to the ridiculous factor that made this the fantastic.

    There is no doubt that it was this interaction that made Barker win the award for best Monday Night Raw Guest host spot, proving once again Jericho can make anyone look good on Raw.

Musical Chairs

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    Way back in 2004, Eric Bischoff's "cousin" Eugene got the chance to run Raw.

    What happens? He makes several superstars play musical chairs to get a title shot match. 

    Stacey Kiebler, Ric Flair, Tyson Tomko, Tajiri, Jonathan Coachman and Chris Jericho.


    You can watch here:

Game Show Host

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    I wonder if Bob Barker gave him any tips?

    The best part of Downfall was Jericho mocking some of the contestants.

    Sure, it only lasted a couple of episodes.

    And no it didn't get cancelled, it was set up as a summer filler game show

    And sure, people complained because they thought the show was destroying actual items.

    But come on, if you saw the episode with this guy in it, then you had to appreciate him getting tossed off a building.

Dream Match?

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    Former WCW heavyweight champion David Arquette vs. Chris Jericho in a Karaoke contest:

    After seeing these two in action was I the only one screaming for Ready 2 Rumble part 2?

    Come on! You know you want it.

Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday, Jericho.

    You can check out Chris's stuff at

    You can get Fozzy updates at and you should be following Jericho on Twitter @iamjericho.

    He's been known to check out our site gang, so go ahead and wish him a happy birthday below.

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