The Beauty Of The Game: Why fans keep coming back

Evan GreenContributor IAugust 26, 2008

With such a large burden on the Missouri Tiger football team, what truly separates this team from so many Mizzou sports teams that have choked or been screwed by any imaginable type of possibility in sports?

To run down the sad list: Tyus Edny, the kicked ball against Nebraska, five down game, losing to Troy on ESPN, blowing the second half of the Sun Bowl two years ago, ruining national title hopes last year in the Big XII title game, and the basketball team seemingly always losing to no-name small schools in non-conference play.  

How can arguably the most desperate fans in sports trust their beloved black and gold one more time?  

When given this question, many Tiger fans would probably nod to senior leadership, Jeremy Maclin, last year's experience, or even the schedule, but not me.  That's because the real answer is that Mizzou fans can't full-heartily trust the team yet again. 

That doesn't mean that they won't try, but they really can't, because college football is just too unpredictable.  For example, after LSU and Ohio State lost their last home games last year, how many people honestly did not count them out of the national title hunt?

Or even the shocking upset in Ann Arbor last year?  No one can truly be 100% in their predictions about anything in college football, or even sports for that matter.

That is what truly makes sports such a beautiful thing.  That's what makes us, the fans, come back, year in and year out.  

And that is why, I will once again put my heart out there that another highly-ranked Missouri team will finally come through in the clutch.