Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Four Reasons Why Manny Will Win

Jared Gilkerson@Comatose80Contributor INovember 9, 2010

Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Four Reasons Why Manny Will Win

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    Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito will clash this Saturday November 13th in Dallas Texas. 

    This fight will be thrilling, exciting and one that people are saying may set the indoor attendance record for a boxing match. 

    Here are four reasons why Manny Pacquiao should have no problem defeating Antonio Margarito. 

Number Four: Winning Streak / Activity

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    Manny Pacquiao is in the midst of a great winning streak. During his twelve fight winning streak he has defeated Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Erik Morales (twice) and Juan Manuel Marquez just to name a few. 

    It will be very difficult for Margarito, who has only fought twice in two years, lost two of his last six fights, one of those a horrendous loss to Shane Mosley, to end a streak like that. He hasn't been active enough because of his suspension and that I think will hurt him badly in this fight.

Number Three: Trainer

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    Manny Pacquiao is trained by one of the best in the business, Freddie Roach. I know that a trainer isn't the one stepping into the ring on fight night but what he can help a fighter with preceding a fight is very valuable.

    His track record of training multiple champions has proven that he is a valuable asset for boxers to have in their corner before and during a fight.  

    Antonio Margarito's trainer, Roberto Garcia is no slouch, training great fighters such as Victor Ortiz currently and past title holder Fernando Vargas. Some day Garcia may become an elite trainer, but this is his first fight with Margarito and the experience that Manny and Freddie have with each other will outweigh what Antonio and Roberto bring together on fight night. 

Number Two: KO's

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    Manny Pacquiao has not been knocked out in over eleven years. Antonio Margarito was just knocked out in 2009 against Shane Mosley and that is still fresh in his mind. Let's face it, Manny Pacquiao just doesn't get knocked out.

    Time and time again Manny has adjusted to bigger men, taken them down and proven he can take the punishment.

    Even if the more powerful Margarito can catch the quicker Pacquiao it will not be enough to end the fight early, which Margarito surely will be trying to do.

    He doesn't want to be chasing Manny all over the ring for twelve rounds. But that's exactly what will happen which will tire the bigger Margarito giving Pacquiao the opening to end the fight. 

Number One: Speed

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    Not only will Manny Pacquiao's offensive speed be too much for Margarito to contend with but his defensive speed will be as well. Yes Pacquiao will take a few shots throughout the fight, but he is much faster than Margarito and he will tire him by making him miss. 

    You combine that with his offensive speed then it is only a matter of time until Manny chops him down and ends the fight. He is just to slick of a  fighter to lose and his speed both offensively and defensively will ultimately determine this fight.