Clemson vs. Florida State Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2010

Clemson vs. Florida State Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Clemson vs. Florida State.

    For Week 11 of college football, we'll see two ACC rivals go head-to-head.  While the Seminoles have been in-and-out of the AP and coaches' polls, the Tigers have yet to crack it.

    But that's not to say they may come up with a big upset on Saturday.

    We can look at the team's later.  First, let's meet the cheerleaders.

    Who wins this cheerleader showdown? 

    The Clemson Tigers or the Florida State Seminoles? 

    It's time to find out.  Here we go!

The Football Team: Clemson Tigers

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    Overall Record: 5-4

    ACC Record: 3-3

    Average Points Scored: 26.2

    Average Points Allowed: 17.6

    Notes: They're coming off a close win against North Carolina State, 14-13.

The Football Team: Florida State Seminoles

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    Overall Record: 6-3

    ACC Record: 4-2

    Average Points Scored: 33.7

    Average Points Allowed: 19.8

    Notes: They're coming off back-to-back losses against North Carolina State and North Carolina.

Clemson Tigers: Cheer Video

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    Here's a good look at Clemson's cheerleaders.

    Nice pyramid!

Florida State Seminoles: Cheer Video

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    The Florida State cheerleading squad won't be topped.

    Look at these male cheerleaders holding their female counterparts up with one arm.

Clemson Tigers: Meet Chelsea

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    Meet Chelsea Baltz. She's a Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week.

    According to her CNNSI profile, she loves baseball, football and chocolate.

    Lots of chocolate!

Clemson Tigers: Chelsea Baltz

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    She also loves Guitar Hero.

    And hanging out with her other pretty cheerleader friends.

Clemson Tigers: Chelsea Baltz

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    As you can see Chelsea's petite.

    She may be tiny and cute but that doesn't stop her from doing doing crazy moves.

Clemson Tigers: Chelesea Baltz

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    Like this!

    Ooh.  Aah.

    Nice hang time Chelsea.

Florida State Seminoles: Meet Lauren

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    Meet Lauren Sauer, she's a CNNSI Cheerleader of the Week.

    In her interview with Sports Illustrated, Lauren confessed her love for sushi and ice cream.

    She also loves watching Sex and the City.

Florida State Seminoles: Lauren Sauer

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    Coy and cute, one day she wants to go sky diving.

    Who wants to take her?

Florida State Seminoles: Lauren Sauer

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    And of course, like most cheerleaders.

    She wants you to make some noise for her.

    How can you not turn her down?

Florida State Seminoles: Lauren Sauer

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    See that flexibility.

    That's because she's also in to gymnastics.

Clemson Tigers: The Rest

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    Chelsea's not the only cutie in South Carolina.

    Meet some of her teammates.

    True Southern belles.

Clemson Tigers: Cheering

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    They don't just look pretty sitting down.

    They also look good in action.

    Go Tigers!

Florida State Seminoles: The Rest

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    As far as some of Lauren's teammates go.

    There's plenty of hotties in the state of Florida.

Florida State Seminoles: Cheering

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    Raise those pom poms up ladies.

    Go Seminoles!

Clemson Tigers: Dance

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    Meet this Tiger cheerleader.

    Nice looking routine.

    But what's this, no bellybuttons?


Florida State Seminoles: A Pair Of Hotties

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    At least this pair of hotties have no problems exposing their mid section.

Clemson Tigers: Bows

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    Whoa look at that bow.

    That's almost as big as her head.

Florida State Seminoles: White Outfits

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    Here's a different look.

    The 'Noles cheerleaders sporting the white unis.

Clemson Tigers: Stare

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    I'm wondering the exact same thing.

    What is she staring at?

    Or, who is she staring at?

Florida State Seminoles: Staring

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    Speaking of staring.

    I'm sure you won't mind staring at these cheerleaders.

Clemson Tigers: Stretch

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    Talk about serious stretching.

Florida State Seminoles: Heel Stretch

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    But this move is even more impressive.

Clemson Tigers: Another Cutie

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    Well, look at that.

    Another South Carolina cutie.

    The thing with cheerleaders, however, is sometimes they let it all go after college.

Clemson Tigers: Clemson Oldie

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    Like her!


Clemson Tigers: More Cheerleaders

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    Ok. I'm sorry.

    Here are more cheerleaders that haven't lost their figure.

Florida State Seminoles: Crazy Fans

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    From the Sunshine State.

    Notice how this cheerleader manages to stay calm, even though she's surrounded by crazy 'Noles fans.

Florida State Seminoles: Swim Suits

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    And of course, what's a cheerleading showdown without a bikini shot.

    The Clemson girls were hard to track down in bikini's.

    But the FSU girls are looking good in their two-piece.

Florida State Seminoles:

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    Back on the field.

    Check out how well they work together.

    Great teamwork.

Clemson Tigers: Jersey Girls

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    There aren't just hotties on the field.

    They sit in the stands as well.

    As for girls in football jerseys.  That's hard to resist.

Florida State Seminoles: Cowgirls

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    Unless of course you're a bunch of hotties sitting in the crowd, wearing school colors.

    And sporting a whole lot of cleavage.

    Gotta love the FSU Cowgirls.

So Who Wins?

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    So who win this big ACC showdown?

    Clemson or Florida State?

Florida State Seminoles Wins!

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    The girls from Florida win!

    In this big ACC battle, FSU get the big victory.

    Their cheerleaders are hotter and even the ladies in the stands are hotter.

    For this matchup.

    FSU wins and it's not even close.