Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito: 10 Ways Margarito Can Shock the World

Justin DavisContributor INovember 9, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Antonio Margarito: 10 Ways Margarito Can Shock The World

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    When Floyd Mayweather Jr. passed on negotiations again for the Manny Pacquiao-Mayweather superfight, Margarito was chosen as the opponent.

    The selection of Margarito by the Pacquiao camp was not without controversy.

    Many fight fans feel Margarito does not deserve to fight again for what he did. The fact remains, Pacquiao and Margarito will get it on November 13th at Cowboys Stadium for the WBC junior middleweight title.

    There are many experts who feel Pacquiao will overwhelm Margarito with his speed and steamroll him en route to his historic world title in an eighth division. However, is Pacquiao miscalculating the risk that a fighter nicknamed the "Tijuana Tornado" actually possesses to his health? In the violent world of the Sweet Science, one punch is all it takes to rewrite history.

    Without any further ado, here are a few ways Margarito can pull off the monumental upset in Texas (these reasons are in no particular order).

1. Use Height and Reach As Advantage

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    The tale of the tape is obvious. Margarito enjoys a significant height and reach advantage.

    Keeping the Pac-Man at the end of his punches will do Margarito a lot of good. This reason is really relative and theoretical. We all know that's not how Margarito fights, so on to the next one.

2. Apply Advantage As The Bigger Man

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    No this is not the same as height and reach. Margarito is the larger dog in this fight.

    The logic behind this reason is simple. If Margarito continually lays on Pacquiao and smothers him on the ropes (which Pac has a tendency to lay on) and force Pacquiao to expend energy pushing him off, then fatigue could rob the Pac-Man of the proper "pop" on his punches.

    If Margarito is able to walk through the smaller man's fatigued punches, the rest is history.

3. Cut Off The Ring and Force Pacquiao To Fight His Fight

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    Speed does kill, but most speedsters need the to be able to use their ring generalship to utilize speed.

    Also, Pacquiao likes to use angles to confuse and befuddle opponents. If Margarito can successfully cut the ring off and force Pacquiao to fight at close quarters or brawl, he can nullify that speed. He can not allow Manny to dart in and out at will.

    Margo has to use his aforementioned size to walk down and back up the Pac-Man. He's not called the Tijuana Tornado for nothing.

4. Rip Pacquiao To The Body

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    How many times have you seen a guy go down for the count by a body shot you have to see in slow motion?

    It happened to Oscar de La Hoya against Hopkins. Margarito finally ended his second tilt with Cintron thanks to an accumulation of gut wrenching body punches.

    The body shot is becoming a lost art, but Margarito has made sure it's not dead yet. Pacquiao has been knocked out before by a body shot. Are there any lingering psychological effects?

    If Margarito starts and finishes flurries with pounding gut shots, eventually that too will slow down Pacquiao. Any questions?

5.Use "Disrespect" As Motivation

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    Everybody is counting him out.

    Many critics feel he doesn't deserve the second chance he received. Even Manny Pacquiao is taking him lightly, otherwise he wouldn't have flown to Vegas in the middle of training camp.

    There will come a time in this fight where Margarito will reach his physical limitations. It's the "disrespect" factor he can use a extra fuel for the fire.

6.Listen To Robert Garcia In Corner

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    Garcia's unconventional wisdom and methods just might pay off.

    If Margarito finds the fight slipping away, he needs to listen to Garcia, whose sage advice could turn the tables. It doesn't hurt that Garcia has sat on the stool before Margarito.

7. Don't Let Judges Decide Fight

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    This one is self-explanatory. History tells us Margarito is a slow starter. This being the case, Margarito is going to need to make the best of his opportunities to catch Pacquiao on the ropes or in close. He's going to need to dig to the body hard as well whenever possible.

    If he can do this, he could very well get another trademark accumulation TKO from Tijuana, Mexico.

8. Do Not Start off Slow

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    Both fighters are going to be prepared both mentally and physically for a long night of pugilistic festivities (at least we hope). Both fighters will be well conditioned to go 20 rounds and beyond.

    While a KO would shock the world, Margarito has got to figure a decision could be looming. From the opening bell to the closing bell, Margarito has got to be aggressive, control the tempo and make sure he's not caught by a counter-punch from the sneaky fast Pacquiao.

    Margarito has the conditioning to outwork Pacquiao, but he's got to prove it.

9. Do Not Become a Stationary Target

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    Yes Margarito needs to apply constant pressure.Yes Margarito needs to use his size to smother the smaller Pacquiao and apply Duran-esque rough house tactics to further throw Pacquiao off his game.

    What Margarito doesn't need to do is stand in front of Pacquiao for too long without throwing punches. Pacquiao has extremely fast and powerful hands and he's a seven division champion for a reason. Allowing Pacquiao to tee off too regularly would be a costly mistake.

10. Don't Get Caught With Illegal Handwraps Or Fixed Gloves

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    Yes this one is a joke! Did you really think an opportunity to mention it would pass by? Fact is, Margarito paid his penalty and is even joking about it now. Got you!


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    Hopefully most of these reasons are thought-provoking and entertained with an open mind.

    Margarito can not be counted out of this fight. If a long shot named Buster Douglas could pull off a colossal upset in Tokyo, Margarito definitely has a chance to pull off the upset. If he can stick to this game plan, remember you heard it here first!