Hey ESPN, Keep the politicians out of my football game!

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Hey ESPN, Keep the politicians out of my football game!

I don't know about the rest of you folks out there, but I for one am absolutely tired, after months on end of seeing & hearing these boorish politicians everywhere I turn.  So I have to scream aloud at ESPN, KEEP OBAMA OFF ESPN! I was trying to watch a football program the other night when you had to bring him on... I don't care if he knows how to throw a basketball, (he probably wouldn't make most high school teams) This was an obvious pimping!...We don't care about your political bend! Be respectful of your viewers, & keep that to yourself. We see enough of these goons on every other channel. We turn to sports to get away from what all the other channels are showing (especially during the political season & especially especially when the political season lasts for years). If you want to try running a special on politics, talk about how great the Buckeyes ARE. Or maybe you want to do an article on how good of a poker player Ralph Nader is...

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