RAW Recap 8/25/08 or I Guess Rey Mysterio Is Alive. How About That?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

Another episode of RAW is over and as usual, it's time to figure out what worked and what didn't.

The opening segment sees C.M. Punk against John Bradshaw Layfield.  Great move putting a match in the open to get the audiences attention but did it have to be C.M. Punk?  He is so over with the audience and he's the champion.  He should have been saved for the main event.  With that said, this feud needs to end.  Punk has been fighting him ever since the night he won that title.  It's getting old.  JBL lost his credibility and no one believes that he can beat Punk.  They did make very good choices with protecting each person in this match.  Having it be competitive between the two made both men look very strong.  Punk grabbing the rope after the Clothesline From Hell legitimized the move.  JBL going for the chair and being distracted for the GTS was a perfect finish.  It showed how resourceful Punk is and how quick he can think.  This is always a good way to book a champion.  C.M. Punk is so over with the fans, it makes me wonder what Vince is going to do to slow it down.

Adamle comes out and announces that Cena is injured.  There's no way around this talking segment and it is totally necessary.  The fans at the arena needed to know.  This was followed closly by a Kane promo talking about has he attacked Rey.  This story continues to make no sense.  He claims that he savagely beat Rey and left him in a parking lot.  Then he asks if he's dead or alive.  He's alive.  You just told us.  I really want to know who's responsible for this storyline.

Adamle then talks to Primo Colon and apologizes for the way he treated him last week.  This works well for both characters.  Adamle appears to care about his wrestlers and Primo is given another chance to be introduced to the fans.  Shawn Michaels walks in and you have to wonder how many stories the WWE is planning on stepping on with each other.  Quick conversation that reveals nothing that we don't already know.  Interesting side note: Adamle has a picture of Regan on his wall.

Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix turned out a lot better than it should have because of a mistake.  It started off as the typical Beth doesn't take Kelly serious, as she shouldn't.  Eventually, Kelly kicks Beth in the face and bloodies her nose, legit.  Because of this mistake, the ending and Kelly's offense made perfect sense.  No matter how tough you are, a quick strike to the nose will leave you dazed.  Kelly used this to her advantage to take a quick offensive on Beth.  When Santino sees Beth in trouble and ties to pull her away, the momentary distraction allows Kelly to get the quick roll up.  Kelly is really improving with her work.  Not saying that she's good by any means, but you can tell she really wants to try.  The aftermath with Beth attacking Santino was comedy gold, yet again.  This has to be the most entertaining story in the WWE right now.  However, the way the match ended, technically, Kelly should be number one contender for the Women's Title.  She pinned the champion in a singles non-title match.  She doesn't deserve the match, but for continuities sake, I hope she gets it next week.

Charlie Haas versus the premiering Primo Colon is up next.  Haas wrestling as Charlito was a little strange.  I don't understand why they allow talent like Haas to do terrible gimmicks that will never get over with the crowd.  He's an amazing athlete and should be be a main stay in the Intercontinental title scene.  The match was very fast paced and well done.  Colon looks very solid but still needs a little bit of fine tuning.  He could go far in the company if they let him.  They messed up with Carlito, hopefully they'll get it right with Primo.

Shawn Michaels comes out and cuts a promo on Jericho.  It's about time they used RAW air time to hype this feud.  This is where it should happen, on the show they both appear on.  When Shawn came out, he really shouldn't have comes out to his music.  If this is suppose to be serious, why would Shawn wait for the cue from the gorilla position to walk out there?  Good call on not giving him the pyros.  The promo was sub par at best.  Shawn seems to be losing his promo ability.  He wasn't able to capture the audience at all.  They were chanting his name as he was talking about how hurt his wife was.  The fans don't care about the story, they just cared that they were seeing Shawn Michaels.  Jericho showing up on the titantron was predictable.  Jericho is still the best person on the mic in the company and you could tell in this segment.  Jericho came off much better than Shawn and had better delivery with his lines.  The biggest gripe I had with this segment was that it happened to cross over to the next hour.  Again, fans that may be tuning in at 10 will see talking and not be interested.  It doesn't matter who talks, it's never interesting.  They started the show with action but they dropped the ball at the top of the hour.

Priceless versus Jerry Lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan is next.  Now this match has lost all relevance.  This should have taken place weeks ago when these four were at each others throats.  Now, it just feels like a waste of time.  It lost all momentum and didn't have the fan support during the match.  Why does Vince feel that to get over the younger talent, they have to beat up the oldest people on the rooster?  What does that accomplish?  Shouldn't they be fighting people closer to their age so we can see how they handle themselves?  The match was quick and predictable.  Afterwards, Priceless demands to have their titles given back to them.  Cryme Tyme shows up and reveals to the crowd that they need a lot for mic practice.  They are super over with the crowd, but neither one of them can talk.  It's good that they challenge Priceless for the titles, but this would be the third time they were number one contenders.  The first two times, they never had their match, so hopefully, this goes through at Unforgiven.  I'm starting to think that a better story would have been to have the tag titles go missing and Cryme Tyme shows up with them, pretending that they are replicas that they bought off the shop zone.  Also, when will it be addressed that DiBiase and Rhodes fathers absolutely hated each other and it's strange to see their children getting along so well.  It would be a great back stage segment to see the four of them in a sit down conversation about it.

They have to keep explaining the Scramble Match and now there are three of them in one night.  This just seems like a bad idea now.  They're trying to force this match down every ones throat and if that first one fails, there's still two more that the audience has to sit through.  Batsista does an interview about Cena.  Nothing to exciting or special about it.  Batista is getting better at his promos, but he still needs a lot of work.

Santino Marella versus Kofi Kingston is next.  Decent match, but not given enough time.  There was nothing special about it.  The end was very good with Phoenix tripping Kingston which lead him to get kneed in the face.  Doesn't make Kingston look to good but he really shouldn't have been the Intercontinental Champion either.  The story between Beth and Santino is very entertaining.  I'm surprised that they gave them two segments to build on it.

The Smackdown Your Vote promo airs.  This is a really good thing that the WWE is doing for the community.  They are strongly encouraging people to vote which is something that people need to do in this country.  It's always good to see the WWE do things like this.

Adamle comes out and announces that Rey Mysterio will be replacing John Cena in the Scramble match.  Now this really doesn't make sense.  Isn't Rey supposed to be severely injured at the hands of Kane?  Why is he coming into this match?  For Adamle to announce it would indicate that he knows what condition Rey is in.  Which means he's fine.  What is Kane talking about?  Did anyone review this storyline before it made it to air?

Batista Kane is our main event.  Which I can understand, but they've done this match before and it has never been interesting.   They kept the pace slow to make sure that neither man blew themselves up.  Seeing two big guys try submission wrestling when it's neither one of there specialties is kind of strange.  This match really showed how sloppy Kane has become.  I don't know if he's not caring or not practicing.  Batista is finally selling his knee injury properly.  The DQ ending was a good call.  It showed that both of these men won't stop at anything to hurt each other.  With the two of them sporting knee injuries, it makes the Scramble match more interesting now.

Overall, the show was decent.  Not as good as it could have been and we've finally seen a story that can't be saved.  Rey is alive and well.  Kane, please shut up.  You're looking like an idiot.  My rating: B-