The NFL's 10 Scariest Players: Oh Crap, Not Him Again

Aaron TitinerContributor IINovember 8, 2010

The NFL's 10 Scariest Players: Oh Crap, Not Him Again

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    This list of top 10 players consists of guys that would make you cry for mommy.  These are 10 of the meanest, hardest-hitting dudes on the gridiron.  Like the picture above, just staring into the eyes of an animal like Julius Peppers can be absolutely horrid.  Now you know exactly why I never got into football.

Number 10: London Fletcher

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    This Pro-Bowl linebacker for the Washington Redskins is on the list even though he is only 5'10", because his 240 lb. frame can absolutely destroy opponents like he did here to Calvin Johnson.  He doesn't only truck stick CJ, but he makes him fly a good two-to-three yards back.  Too bad nobody else on this Washington team can hit like that.

Number 9: Brian Urlacher

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    Brian Urlacher has been one of the scariest guys of the 21st century.  Just looking at him makes me want to cry.  This video above, despite the awkward start, is an intro for possibly the hardest safety hit ever.  Try and find Urlacher before the play starts so you can watch his every move.  It's absolutely disgusting. 

Number 8: Jared Allen

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    Despite being on a team that has run out of confidence for the 2010-2011 season, Jared Allen always finds ways to pump up the Minnesota crowd.  Whether it's his trademark lasso after a huge sack or nailing a running back from behind, No. 69 always finds ways to get it done.

Number 7: Justin Tuck

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    Justin Tuck plays a position that has been occupied by great Giants greats over the past few decades.  First by Lawrence Taylor, then Michael Strahan and now he and Osi Umenyiora tear up opposing offensive lines.  That friendly guy who does all the TV commercials does in no way translate to the badass he is on the field. 

Number 6: Clay Matthews

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    I'm not a huge fan of Clay Matthews, but seeing that guy without his helmet on is an absolute nightmare.  His long hair just adds to his freakability and he has no problem using those massive biceps of his and just ripping an opponent a new one.  He will be quite the sack machine down the line.

Number 5: James Harrison

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    This hit on Josh Cribbs was pretty nasty, but this is just one of millions of hits by Harrison that make you look away.  Any running back or wide receiver, when they see No. 92 coming at them, would probably rather run the other way and take a safety because many worse things can happen by letting this guy hit you.

Number 4: Patrick Willis

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    Willis is definitely an underrated player, but his abilities are just as high as anybody else.  He leads this San Francisco 49er defense and any team's running game can and will be stopped by big old No. 52.  This hit on Reggie Bush is flat out hilarious. It shows how quickly Willis can come out of nowhere to completely destroying an opposing player.

Number 3: DeMarcus Ware

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    DeMarcus Ware: The best player on perhaps the worst team in the NFC.

    There is no question that this guy is the meanest player in the NFC East.  We've all seen him terrorize the fools in the NFC East in years past and it's obvious that the only reason why Jason Campbell left this division was to get the hell away from the grip of No. 94.

Number 2: Julius Peppers

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    Normally, I would have put J-Pepp at No. 1 on the list, but the guy who follows him has too big of a resume...

    Anyway, Julius, coming in at 6'7" and 283 pounds is as big and mean of a lineman as you will find in the entire NFL.  Funny enough, he doesn't move like a fat slow guy. He legitimately moves as fast as some mediocre secondary players.  This hit here on Matthew Stafford is the epitome of bullying as this Carolina veteran turned Chicago bad-boy just TERRORIZES the sophomore QB out of Georgia.

Number 1: Ray Lewis

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    Who else could it be?

    Anytime the No. 52 shows up, the only athlete that has walked this planet who stands over the rest is this Baltimore Raven freak.  His dances before the game are a bit intimidating, sure, but when his helmet goes on and he gets into the stance before the play, I'm sure that more than one player has soiled themselves realizing what is about to happen to them.  It may a long time until somebody can take Lewis down from his well-deserved perch.