Get UP Out the League, Kenny Rogers

MB MBSenior Analyst IAugust 26, 2008

This will be a weekly feature, so check back regularly!

Each and every week I will pick a new athlete from any sport, and plead for him or her to stop playing their sport.

I want to make it very clear that this isn’t me thinking they weren’t good at one time, but more that their time is up, and it’s time to get out the league.

Examples would be Willie Mays on the Mets, Joe Namath on the Chargers, and Patrick Ewing on the Magic. If anybody has any suggestions of athletes, I would be glad to consider them for future articles. Just send me a note.

My first “Get Up Out the League” athlete is Kenny Rogers, from the Detroit Tigers.

Kenny, your time is up. You have been a crafty lefty your whole career, but your crafty is now just crappy.

Every time you go out to the bump, Tigers’ fans have to pray you give up less than five runs to give the team a chance to win. You get away now with picking a guy off once every four games and still playing great defense, getting balls off the mound.

I don’t know if the pine tar on the hand is less sticky this year or what, but you’re not cutting it out there on the mound.

Sure, you will be remembered for pushing a cameraman, but I will remember you as a guy who dealt for the Oakland A’s, and whenever you pitched against them at the Coliseum, you owned them. While on the A's, in 1998, Rogers won 16 games. His career at the Coliseum is a remarkable 25-4 with a 3.44 ERA.

“The Gambler” also pitched a perfect game, which will be the highlight of his career. But those days are long gone, and it is getting sad to see you struggle now.

So, Kenny Rogers, Scott Tully is begging you to...“Get Up Out the League.”