Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito: 5 Reasons Margarito Can Shock the World

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 7, 2010

Will Margarito be giving thumbs up after the fight?
Will Margarito be giving thumbs up after the fight?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The last big time main stream fight of the year is finally upon us, and the excitement is building. Manny Pacquiao will be in the ring this Saturday to fight Antonio Margarito.

Any Pacquiao fight is an anticipated one and this weekend's is no different. He will have a very interesting test in front of him, but one that may not be challenging.

Margarito is a big physical fighter that carries a decent punch and has a chin made of pure steel. He has six losses but only one of those losses has come via knockout.

He will have a tough time gutting out a win, but it can be done and if he does win this Saturday in Dallas, this is how he will do it.

1. Size

He isn’t going to use his height and reach advantage to stay on the outside and box. That isn’t his style, and if he didn’t convert to that, he would get massacred.

He will however lean on Pacquiao all night and put his full weight on him all night. This is an underrated technique, and one that may wear Pacquiao out.

When the two stand next to each other, the size difference is instantly recognizable and somewhat shocking. It will be interesting to see how much Margarito weighs on the night of the fight.

If he puts on a lot of weight, this may present a big time problem for Pacquiao.


2. Chin

His chin has been rock solid outside of one night against “Sugar” Shane Mosley. He has proven over the years he can take a big shot and keep on coming.

Pacquiao is a solid puncher but isn’t a one-punch knockout artist. If Margarito can take the punches of Pacquiao early on and use his bigger frame to lean on him, he may have something in the later rounds.

The big question is: is he is more susceptible to the knockout since his chin has finally been cracked? If his chin is cracked, he may be in for a short night.


3. Work rate

Margarito is a human windmill and throws punches nonstop. He can do this for a full 12 rounds and usually gets better as the rounds go by.

He can throw well over 100 punches in any round of a fight, and most of his knockouts come from the sheer volume of punches he throws.

If he gets you in trouble, he knows how to finish, and that can be a problem for any fighter—even Pacquiao.


4. Power

He may not have better one-punch power or better pure power, but he may be the most powerful fighter Pacquiao has faced.

Only 11 of his wins have went the distance, and like stated earlier, he isn’t a big one-punch fighter, but he has good power, and he will land shots no matter what.


5. Pride

He doesn’t want to be remembered as the fighter who illegal hand wraps, and if he loses to Pacquaio, that is exactly how he will be remembered.

If he upsets Pacquiao, he will go down as the man who stopped the most beloved and maybe the most talented fighter of his era.

He is fighting for more than just a win in this fight. He is fighting to expunge his name and restore his credibility in the United States.


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