Mike Aviles: A Legitimate Case for ALROY

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Mike Aviles: A Legitimate Case for ALROY

Mike Aviles was a name that not even the most die heart Royals Fan had heard of. Not even the revered people at Baseball America, or the quasi-popular Sickles had him on their Royals top 10 and 20 lists, respectively. The idea of making this article at the beginning of the season would have your friends questioning a trip to the crazy hospital.

Not even as recent as June 20 had a fellow Bleacher Report writer left him off his list of the best Rookies in the AL (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/31294-2008-mlb-rookies-al-vs-nl).

So maybe his numbers do not add up to those of Alexei Ramirez and Evan Longoria, the mere idea that this kid has an outside chance at this award is a great story. With a monster September and a horrible one for Ramirez, this award may be Aviles' for the taking.

But, when Aviles first got called up to replace Tony Pena Jr., no one is Kansas City had heard of the him. The kid just kept on hitting, and Pena continued to be his normal below average self, and by the all star break Aviles became a staple at the top of the Royals lineup.

So now Aviles is owned in 96.7% of all the ESPN fantasy leagues, and has become a somewhat known quantity in the baseball world.

I think a question that Royals fans have to ask themselves is: do they want Aviles to win the award? I think the answer is a very confident no. And the reason for that can be summed up with one word, Angel.

Angel Berroa was the best thing that had ever happened to the Royals baseball team back in 2003. And now he is nothing more than a punch line at Kauffman Stadium.

Maybe history will repeat itself and a SS for the Royals will win the ALROY, but maybe it won't if Mike Aviles proves not to be an Angel.

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