TNA Turning Point 2010 : Bleacher Report Prediction League

Josh LoganAnalyst IMarch 29, 2017

TNA Wrestling returns tonight with Turning Point.

With Immortal, The Congregation, Fortune, EV2.0 and whatever faction that was dreamt up on a pot high this afternoon all coming to a crossroads, which faction will reign supreme?

Which faction will be less one member?

The Ship is setting sail and with wide open eyes let's watch and see if it hits the iceberg ahead.

It's time for TNA Turning Point!


Match 1—(Lumberjack Match with Pope's "Congregation") The Pope vs Abyss—three points

Match 2—RVD vs Tommy Dreamer—four points

Match 3—Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett—three points

Match 4—Mickie James vs Tara—four points

Match 5—(Winning team picks a member to be fired from the losing team) Fortune vs EV2.0—four points

Match 6—TNA X-Division Champion Jay Lethal vs Robbie E. w/ Cookie—three points

Match 7—(Team 3D Retires Tonight) MCMG vs Team 3D—five points

Match 8—TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan—three points


Bonus 1—Who will get fired tonight? (pick a Fortune member and an EV2.0 member)—three points

Bonus 2—Will Hogan make an appearance tonight?—two points

Bonus 3—Will Abyss destroy The Pope after their match?—two points


Please copy and paste the below template into the comment box and fill in your answers:




Happy Predicting Day!