Kendra Wilkinson: Is She Separated from Hank Baskett As New Show Airs?

Bailey BrautiganFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson: Is She Separated from Hank Baskett As New Show Airs?

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    Kendra Wilkinson is back in Los Angeles for her newest season of Kendra on E!, and I know what all you guys are thinking...

    "Oh. My. God. I can't wait to see what kinds of trouble Kendra gets in this season. She's so sassy!"

    But how does this relate to sports?

    Kendra is married to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Hank Basket, and the two have a son together.

    But there may be trouble in paradise, as Kendra has decided to return to LA instead of staying in Minnesota with her husband.

    That's right. Kendra isn't cut out for the stay at home Suzy Homemaker type.

    No sir! She needs to pursue something more challenging...

    Like starring in a reality TV series.

    Read on for the latest on Kendra's decision to move back to LA.

Who Is Kendra Wilkinson?

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    We know that Kendra is married to Hank Baskett, but let's take a minute to get to know her a little better, shall we?

Early Life

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    Kendra Wilkinson was born in San Diego, California and she graduated from Clairemont High School.

A Bit of a Tomboy

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    For those of you who haven't watched any of Kendra's shows, she isn't your typical girlie-girl.

    She played softball for six years before becoming a model.

Introduction to Playboy

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    Kendra got her first taste of the world of Playboy when she was hired as a "painted girl" for Hugh 78th birthday party back in 2004.

Hugh Hefner

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    Rumor has it that Hugh Hefner saw a picture of Kendra after his birthday bash, and he had to have her.

    He soon asked Kendra to be one of his "girlfriends," and she moved into the Playboy mansion.

Girls Next Door

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    Kendra then became a member of the Girls Next Door cast. The show documented the lives of three of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends: Kendra, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

Meeting Hank

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    Kendra met Hank Baskett in 2009, and she moved out of the Playboy Mansion soon after.

    But she wasn't done with reality television just yet...


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    After moving out of the Playboy Mansion, Kendra and Hank filmed their own reality spin-off appropriately named "Kendra."

    The first season documented the couple's wedding planning and Kendra's attempts to live outside of the Mansion.

The Wedding

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    Kendra and Hank were married at the Playboy Mansion in June of 2009, and E! documented the entire wedding.

    Kendra and Hank were paid $120,000 by Us Weekly for their wedding photos.

Hank IV

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    On December 11, 2009, Kendra gave birth to the couple's first child Hank IV.

    The couple named Hugh Hefner as their son's godfather.

Sex Tape

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    In May of 2010, Vivid Entertainment acquired a sex tape which featured Kendra Wilkinson. She made attempts to stop the release of the video, but she had to settle for splitting the $680,000 in royalties with the man in the video.

Other Television Appearances

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    Kendra made cameos on both Las Vegas and Entourage, and she competed on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar.

    She came in second place.

Music Videos

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    Kendra has also made appearances in music videos for Akon and Nickelback.

She Loves the Olive Garden

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    In 2008, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kendra was the Italian chain restaurant's "biggest celebrity fan," but the chain was reluctant to embrace Kendra's endorsement.

    It is a family place.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Since her husband Hank Baskett joined the Philadelphia Eagles, Kendra started to pursue her dream of becoming a sports announcer by trying her hand at being a blogger columnist for the team's website.

Back to LA-LA Land

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    Baskett was released by the Eagles in September, and he is currently playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

    Apparently Kendra doesn't do well with cold weather because she has decided to move back to Los Angeles to film the next season of Kendra.

She's No Betty Crocker

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    According to, a friend of Wilkinson said this about her decision to separate from her husband:

    "She and Hank got together really quickly and had their son. The honeymoon stage is over. She was getting bored and simply couldn't take being alone in the middle of nowhere with her baby. She's the type who needs excitement in her life--she's no Betty Crocker who wants to sit at home--!"

How Is Life Without Hank?

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    Kendra talks about living so far away from her husband and the father of her child:

    "Not having Hank around hurts...Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank's not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I'm a single parent now."

West Coast Is Home

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    Kendra may be a fan of her husband's teams, but California will always be home to her:

    "I fit in well in Philly, and I could relate to all the people, but the west coast is my home. This is where all my family and friends are."

Watch the Show

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    The newest season of Kendra premiers tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!.

    I know you'll all be watching.