Fantasy Basketball Crystal Ball: A Look at Week 3

Will OvertonCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

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Here is this week’s fantasy planner as we prepare to enter Week 3 of the season. We are starting to see a little bit more of what each team is made of, and in turn it should start getting a little easier to find good matchups. This week is a little different from last week as there are not as many teams playing high or low numbers of games and for the majority everyone is playing either three or four games.

In this look ahead we’ll check out which team it is that has just two games and whether or not anyone on that team is usable, we will also check out some of the guys I like this week for lineup decisions as well as some guys who might make good waiver wire targets for the week.


Playing Only Two GamesNew Orleans Hornets: The Hornets are this week’s only team who will take court twice, which means choose wisely if you’re considering playing a Hornet in a weekly league. Chris Paul is really the only Hornet I see being a must play this week and he will always be considered in that category. Other than that David West is probably still a solid play unless you have a strong option behind him. Emeka Okafor is a bit of a more risky play, but there is not as much depth at center and if you don’t have much than Okafor is still usable. Other than that I would steer clear of the Hornets for this week.


Guys I Like This Week
Danilo Gallinari: I realize he got off to a horrible start to the season and so some might be gun shy on putting him back in the lineup, but there is a reason he was taken in the top 50 of many drafts, and I think we’re starting to see it in his last couple games. Gallinari was battling a wrist injury early that he claims was affecting his shot, but in the last two games he has scored 24 and 16 points, and made four three-pointers in each of the two games.

On top of the fact that Gallinari is starting to come around. the Knicks have a VERY favorable lineup of games this week that should mean good things for many of the Knicks scorers. New York has four games this week and two of them are against the worst two defenses in this early season, the Rockets and Timberwolves. I realize it’s early to judge defenses, but neither of these teams have come close to stopping anyone so far. On top of playing those two they also have a game with the Warriors, which promises fireworks and both teams could score more than 120 points considering their love for running the floor.


Carl Landry: He’s struggled over the last few games pulling down rebounds with numbers of three, three, four and five in his last four games. But if he’s going to turn that around it’s going to come this week. He’s squaring off against the Pistons undersized frontcourt and a possible matchup with Austin Daye, and also the Phoenix Suns who are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA. Add to those two games the Timberwolves who can’t stop anyone, especially not Kevin Love, and Landry could be in for some big points and big boards. The Kings only play the three games this week, but they’re a very favorable three games and Landry could warrant a spot over some four-game guys because of it.


D.J. Augustin: The young point guard has been up and down quite a bit so far in this early season with some very nice games an also some bad games as well. Hopefully this week will prove to be a little more consistent for Augustin. The Bobcats have a couple of tough games with the Spurs and Jazz, though Utah’s defense hasn’t been overly menacing as of yet. Other than these two games the Bobcats are matched up with the Raptors and Wizards, which are much better matchups and could prove quite successful for Augustin. So far in five games Augustin has gone 11-for-22 from three-point range and is keeping the turnovers down, so even if the points are a little inconsistent, he should continue to contribute.


Guys to Pickup This Week
Francisco Garcia: We already discussed the favorable schedule facing the Kings this week. Garcia’s minutes haven’t been the most consistent, but when he’s gotten court time he’s excelled averaging 19 points per game in the three games with at least 25 minutes or more. The three teams the Kings play give up a lot of threes and Garcia should be able to hit a couple a game at least.


Hakim Warrick: Right now Warrick is earning some big minutes in the Phoenix rotation with back-to-back games of at least 30 minutes. Warrick is averaging 12.8 points for the season, but he’s put in 17 points a game the last two and he seems to be getting the hang of running the pick-and-roll with Steve Nash in Amare’s place. And with no big men really stepping up right now, Warrick’s playing time should remain consistent.  

These are my thoughts on the week upcoming and just a bit of my own advice. If you have a specific decision to make and you want help just drop a comment and I’d be glad to give my two cents.

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