Texas Tech Football: Team Leach Rides into the Sunset

Eddie DzurillaCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

Avast, avast ye mate's
Avast, avast ye mate'sJamie Squire/Getty Images

Remember Team Leach?

That's the organization that was formed last year in response to the dismissal of Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

The Leacher creatures were upset and angry that their beloved pirate, their swashbuckler, had been cast away by a scurvy crew of administrators who couldn’t swab his deck.

Organizing the biggest group on campus since the 1960s-era anti-war protests, the student leaders loudly proclaimed that they would fight for their right to be heard by the administration.

Money was raised.  Fists were pumped.  Blogs were written.

It all seemed so...quixotic.

Which it was.

Several observers, including yours truly, predicted that Team Leach would fade into the woodwork halfway through the football season.

Well, it's now into the tenth week of the season, and what has become of Team Leach?

It's still around...filing a freedom of information report a couple of weeks ago to break the shocking news that Tommy Tuberville did not raise $25 million for the University, as ESPN reported on the sideline of the SMU game.

It has a web site, which has a bunch of stuff on it about the greatness of Mike Leach. and also runs down the current coach, Tommy Tuberville.

Thus, Team Leach has decided to become a thorn in the side of the program by berating the current coaching staff and its efforts.

Great. Send the members some orange or maroon shirts, since I'm sure the fans of the teams that wear those colors are chuckling at their shenanigans.

Other than that? It's irrelevant.

Why?  Because it never had attainable goals.

Get Leach back?  Good luck—ain't gonna happen.

Get the administration to listen to its members, or get a seat at the decision-making table?  Dream on.  They should take another hit off that bong pipe while they're at it.

Team Leach is just a bunch of dissatisfied fans, a group that every major program has to deal with if things are not hunky-dory (check out Notre Dame, Michigan or recent Longhorn blogs for some other examples).  Administrators know that, no matter what you do, they'll get some carping and moaning.  So they do the smart thing.

They ignore it.

Which is exactly why Team Leach is rapidly fading like an old concert t-shirt that has gone a few too many times through the wash.

Like pretty much everyone said it would. But hey, it has some nifty t-shirts and whatnot for sale...which was probably the whole idea behind the group in the first place.