College Football: Let's Use the BCS in a Playoff System

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College Football: Let's Use the BCS in a Playoff System

If the BCS system stays in place, there will never be a clear-cut champion in college football. 

Last season, for example, we had five teams that were undefeated following the regular season: Alabama, Texas, Boise State, TCU and Cincinnati. And let's not forget that Florida's only loss of the season came against top-ranked Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

So how do we rectify the situation? What do we do so that a clear-cut winner emerges every season without controversy?

Simple: let's input a playoff system that will allow the top teams in the country a chance to claim the title without any arguments.

I have devised a playoff system that will could replace the BCS and make a fair system to crown a true college football champion. 


No. 1: Get rid of the conference championship games

The conference championship is a joke. The SEC West has five teams in the top 20 and the SEC East has one, but after Saturday night's beating that South Carolina took from Arkansas, I think there will not be any ranked teams in the East. 

So why do we allow a team with three losses to play the top team in the nation?

What about the ACC? Talk about a joke! The conference championship is going to have a team with two or three losses as well.

If we remove the conference championship from the mix, it allows us one more week to play football.


No. 2: Bowl games are going nowhere

I understand that the bowl games present big dollars to the teams involved and that will not change.

We should use them to our advantage. Let's play the playoff games at the bowl game sites.


No. 3: How many teams?

This is going to be the most controversial part of the playoff system but it is more fair than picking two teams we think should play each other in the championship.

Eight teams would be the answer. The top eight in the country using the BCS poll. That's right: we should not eliminate the BCS, we should just reorganize the way we use it.


No. 4: How do we implement this?

OK, so now we have the idea. but how do we execute it?

The Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl and Capital One Bowl will be used as the sites for the playoffs.

We will continue to use the rotation of which bowl game hosts the National Championship Game without using the Cotton Bowl and Capital One Bowl. One of the bowl games will host a playoff and the National Championship like they do now.

The first round of the playoffs would look like this:

Game 1 - No. 1 vs. No. 8

Game 3 - No. 2 vs. No. 7

Game 4 - No. 3 vs. No. 6

Game 2 - No. 4 vs. No. 5

The second round would feature the winners of the first-round games and look like this:

Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2

Winner of Game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4

And, of course, the overall champion would feature the two winners from each of the previous two games.


Final conclusion

There will always be controversy in college football because the ranking system is never fool-proof. The team sitting in ninth spot will argue to be in, and so forth.

The only real solution is moving to a system that allows equal chances to the top teams in the country.

The bonus to this system is that we begin a season with the rankings from the end of the previous season. If you are the champion, then you will be the top-ranked team the following year until someone knocks you off the podium.

That is how it should be but the greedy people in charge will never let this happen, so it is fun to imagine a college football world with equality among the best teams.

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