Follow That Plane: The Truth About the Rich Rodriguez Saga

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Follow That Plane: The Truth About the Rich Rodriguez Saga
IconWest Virginia University is a national leader in forensic studies. No bull. Our professors set the standard for other universities and their forensic programs.

Well, a few of the young CSI's from WVU did some investigating. They found the flight number of the plane on which Rodriguez returned from Michigan—and along with other students organized a nice homecoming rally for the turncoat.

But that's not all they found.

These young CSI's, taking a break from their intensive coursework, applied what they'd learned so far and discovered the following:

The same plane that brought Rodriguez home landed at the Morgantown airport at least two times before and the night of the WVU-Pitt game.

There are no regular flights from Morgantown to Michigan.

This data sheds some new light on an already sad story.

Rich Rodriguez had a lot more on his mind than the Pitt game that night.  He had to consider a move to Michigan too.

I was in the facilities building before the last home Pitt game two years ago. Rich's mom told us that Miami U was on the phone—he was getting ready to tell them NO.

I couldn't believe Miami would have the balls to call right before a football game. Michigan seems to have done them one better.

It was clear to me as I sat in the stands during the Pitt disaster that the "Grant Town Genius" had his head up his ass. Now I know why.

Even I could see the Panthers were loading up the box to stop the run—but did Rich throw any curl passes to keep the linebackers honest? No—nor did he properly use Owen Schmitt, who was instrumental in WVU's running success all year.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, of course—there were so many things Rodriguez could have done to get just one more touchdown or kick two more field goals.

Instead, he blew the game. HE blew it—not the players.

Now, I know Rich, and I know he's an intense competitor and would never lose a game on purpose. So don't even go there.

But he was in a fog that night.

The key to this nightmare comes AFTER THE GAME.  Besides the realization that he just blew a chance at the national title,  Rodriguez had to endure the anger and admonishment of the WVU administration.

Several sources report that Mike Garrison, WVU's new president, was so intense that he screamed at his former football coach to the point of having to be physically restrained.

After having his ears filled with that kind of crap, Rodriguez signed with the Wolverines.  So there's the rest of the story, er rumors...

It was never about the money, nor the tradition nor the programs nor any other bullshit.

It was about poor communication—anger and bad decisions. The same stuff that causes divorces, murder, and war.

The victim this time was the WVU football program.

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