TNA Turning Point: A Detailed Look at Tonight's Show

Steven ConeyCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

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TNA Wrestling presents Turning Point tonight, one month after its biggest pay-per-view event ever. There are eight matches on the card, and it looks like it has the ingredients to be a pretty decent show.

This is the first PPV since Bound for Glory, and TNA will be looking to build on the hype surrounding that event. iMPACT! ratings have gone down since Bound for Glory except for the week directly afterwards, where they gained their best-ever rating—a 1.41.

So with that in mind, tonight's show is a pretty important one for TNA. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan seemed to have finally gotten somewhere and we all know that ratings are everything for them. So expect surprises, and hopefully, a lot of good matches. I will now break down each match.


"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. champion Jeff Hardy of Immortal

This hasn't been the best hyped main event for a PPV ever, far from it in fact. Jeff Hardy hasn't been seen on the last two iMPACTs due to his baby being born. Add to that the looming court date, and Hardy hasn't really done much as champion yet.

We've seen a few vignettes from him to cover up his disappearance. They've been quite good, but it'll be nice for Hardy to address problems himself rather than rely on his Immortal friends to do it.

Morgan is a strange one. The whole reason Mr. Anderson isn't in the main event anymore is because Hardy smacked him over the back of the head with a steel chair and gave him a nasty concussion.

Two weeks ago, Anderson was being forced to compete against Jeff Jarrett in a chain match. Morgan, still part of Fortune at this time, expressed his concerns, but they fell on deaf ears. "The Blueprint" took it on himself to step in for Anderson in a losing effort against Jarrett. After the match, Fortune hit the ring and they strangled Morgan with the chain.

On last week's iMPACT!, Eric Bischoff called out Anderson but to no avail. Morgan turned up again and attacked Bischoff from behind. Morgan then grabbed the contract (which was for a title shot at Turning Point) and signed it himself.

So not a great build up. A champion who hasn't wrestled since he won the title and a challenger that turned from face to heel in one episode. I just hope they put on a good match.


Team 3D vs. (c) Motor City Machine Guns

I'm not sure about this match at all. Too many times in TNA do wrestlers demand title shots without earning them. It's not too bad in this case seeing as Team 3D are legends and all but still would've been nice for them to beat somebody to sort of earn it.

Anyway, Team 3D signed new contracts recently and appeared at Bound for Glory saying they were going to hang up their boots. They went on to say that they wanted one more match against the best tag team in the world today: The Motor City Machine Guns.

They will either retire as champions or The Guns will have the honor of saying they retired Team 3D. The Guns have been in fantastic matches recently with Beer Money, Generation Me and even Ink Inc, so I hope Team 3D can keep up with them and put on a good showing.


Robbie E (with Cookie) vs. (c) Jay Lethal

At last, a match with some proper build up. Lethal won the X Division title from Doug Williams on an episode of iMPACT! He controversially lost it just a week later to Amazing Red at a house show, but regained it just two days later.

Lethal retained his title at Bound for Glory against Williams. After the match, the newest member of the TNA roster attacked him.

Robbie E and Cookie make up "The Shore." They are based on the hit reality TV show; Jersey Shore. I'm not too fond of the gimmick, but it's still in its early stages so I will give it time.

Robbie defeated Lethal on last week's iMPACT! in a Jersey Shore Street Fight. Due to the stipulations, Robbie was then given a title shot at Victory Road.

I think these two will actually put on a decent match, I hope they're given 10-15 minutes, and Lethal retains to bring a rematch into play.


EV2 vs. Fortune

This feud seems to have gone on forever. This all stemmed from the Hardcore Justice PPV, which was supposed to be a one night only reunion show for the old ECW guys.

They came down to thank the fans and Dixie Carter for making it happen, but instead got attacked by Fortune.

At No Surrender, EV2 lost all three of their matches at the PPV and Dreamer admitted defeat. However, Fortune didn't accept it and attacked Dreamer which led to their Lethal Lockdown match at Bound for Glory, which EV2 won.

In the past couple of weeks, Fortune have again been sniping at EV2 and have tried to cause unrest between them and RVD.

I'm not sure how this match will pan out considering Dreamer and RVD won't be on EV2's side. Let's just hope it's the last match between these two groups.

Jeff Jarrett of Immortal vs. Samoa Joe

At Bound for Glory, Jarrett and Joe teamed up to take on Sting, Kevin Nash and The Pope. During the match, Jarrett left the ring apron and Joe was left to fend for himself 3-on-1.

Later on that night, Jarrett was revealed to be part of "THEY." Since then, Joe has vowed to get revenge on "The King of the Mountain," but three weeks ago on iMPACT! Jarrett threw Joe off the entrance ramp and "The Samoan Submission Machine" wasn't seen for a couple of weeks.

Joe returned last week and attacked Jarrett. "Double J" managed to escape before any real harm was done but it set up tonight's match pretty nicely. I think this match could well be match of the night.


Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam

This bout has the potential to be a tense, passionate affair. I fear it may become a let down though.

RVD has started to become more paranoid since his friend Jeff Hardy turned heel, and attacked him after his title victory at Bound for Glory.

Eric Bischoff played on this by telling RVD that maybe a member of EV2 is in cahoots with Immortal, much like his friend Hardy.

RVD then began to have confrontations with his EV2 friends, first clashing with Raven and then Sabu and Rhino. Dreamer had enough and challenged RVD to a match at Turning Point.

For this match to really work, I think there should be some sort of shock ending. A Tommy Dreamer or RVD heel turn would be interesting, but I doubt it'll happen.

Mickie James vs. Tara

The only Knockouts match on the card sees two former WWE divas face off against each other.

Mickie James hasn't made the sort of impact that everybody thought she would since joining TNA just before Bound for Glory.

Tara won the Knockouts Championship but a week later laid down so that Madison Rayne could be champion instead. Mickie James was furious and said that it disrespected all women champions.

Two weeks ago, James—after just defeating Sarita—was attacked by Tara and tensions began to fray. Last week, Mickie James along with Ink Inc. defeated Tara and Generation Me to lead into Turning Point nicely.

This should be a decent match with the two best wrestlers in the Knockouts division squaring off. If they give them enough time, it could be one of the best women's matches in recent times.

Lumberjack Match: Abyss vs. The Pope

The Pope, along with Sting and Kevin Nash, knew that there was something going on with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. They were proven right at Bound for Glory when they both were revealed as the leaders of Immortal.

Sting and Nash have both since disappeared from TNA after rejecting an offer to become a part of Immortal. However, Pope has stuck around and is "fighting the good fight" according to him.

Pope has had a hard time of it since Sting and Nash left. He was beaten in a 5-on-1 match against Fortune and was then given a shot at AJ Styles' TV Title but came up short after Abyss attacked him during the match.

Since then, Pope has been talking about Abyss and two weeks ago said he would deal with the monster. Abyss responded by saying he would destroy Pope and his congregation one-by-one.

Abyss then put Pope in the casket he had brought to the ring and hit it with his girl "Janice." At Turning Point, Pope announced he would face off against Abyss in a Lumberjack Match with Pope's congregation being the lumberjacks.

I don't think many people have high hopes for this PPV, but I really hope it surprises you all. Enjoy the show!


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