Oregon Ducks Are For Real

Jeff BryceContributor INovember 6, 2010

Chip Kelly the Head Coach of Oregon Ducks
Chip Kelly the Head Coach of Oregon DucksSteve Dykes/Getty Images

The 2010 Oregon Ducks not only are good this season, but they are downright dominate, and by far the best team in all of college football.

Oregon is scary to watch, let alone having to play against them. Oregon has never gotten a lot of credit or respect, because, since they are in the Pac-10 Conference, all you hear about is USC. Now that the Trojans are no longer the dominant team, Stanford, OSU, Arizona and Oregon all put up a lot of competition.

I have not seen as dominant as a team as Oregon in a long time. I know there have been undefeated teams that have been very good, but Oregon is just unreal. They are the most controlled, athletic, smart and dominant team in the whole nation. Oregon takes control of the football, makes the game all about them and shows no signs of mercy torwards their opponents. 

Chip Kelly has emerged as one of the best head coaches in the nation. Oregon has started to show vast amount of improvement over the last couple of years, but now that Oregon has emerged at the top, they are for real and will be competitive for the next couple of years, easily.

Kelly has had some difficult players to deal with who had a lot of talent (LaGarrette Blount and Jeremiah Masoli), but he never let them take the team down. Kelly has a very offensive-driven team, but he takes control and is a very tough, hard-headed coach who never gives up and makes the game all about the team, with no individuals or favorites.

He doesn't put up with any trouble or attitudes, as Blount and Masoli quickly learned. Kelly has given the Ducks a great team chemistry and a winning, dominant mentality that comes with hard work.

Claiming to be the Number one ranked team in the nation is an easy task, as there are so many teams and competition, but Oregon deserves and has proven to be Number one.

Oregon always has talent on its teams every year, but this year is obviously a completely different year. Oregon has a lot of good players on both offense and defense, but the offensive players are by far the team's best players. The Ducks have a lot of first-round draft picks this year, but their best players are QB Darron Thomas, RB LaMichael James and WR Jeff Maehl. 

Blount and Masoli were very good, but it proves how good of a coach Kelly is when he can still win without them last year, and bring in a different starting QB who has done even better.

Thomas is a sophomore but sure isn't playing like one. He is now taking advantage of his starting role with Oregon and has done a great job. He can throw better, run better, run faster and is more athletic and mentally better than Masoli.

James can dominate as he showed last season when he took over for Blount during his suspension. He's only a sophomore, but isn't playing like one. He has emerged as one of the best backs in the nation. He is quick, tough, strong, and athletic. Maehl was always good, but this year he is one of the top receivers in the game and is a different kind of player. He is so fast, has great hands, and is just very athletic and smart. 

One could say he hasn't had enough starts and playing time to be a first-round pick, which could be true, but he has helped this team and has proven that he knows how to win.

Maehl should, for sure, be a first-round pick as he has emerged as a dominant receiver, team leader, athletic and smart player. James is the best player on the team, but is only a sophomore. He could be drafted as a sophomore, but I predict he will play another year or maybe even two.

The same goes for Thomas as he will just continue to get better the older he gets. Both Thomas and James have the potential to be first round draft picks in the next couple of years, as they continue to get better.

The Ducks love the drama as they have been very spectacular in a lot of their wins. The second-half Ducks always end up giving up the lead, it seems like, but Oregon just takes control and kills their opponents.

In a lot of the Ducks' games it seemed like they would lose, undoubtedly, but then they are a completely different team when they are losing, and so far this season, they have come back and have won every game.

Oregon has yet to lost a game, and has also won some very hard games against some very good teams. Their defense is Oregon's only flaw as it does give up a lot of points, but the offensive makes up for its lack of defense as Oregon has yet to score less than 42 points in a game.

The Pac-10 has never been so difficult as it has been in years, with at least five great teams. Oregon has emerged as a team that can move into a different conference and take on a harder schedule, so that they can have a little more competition.

Don't expect them to change conferences, but they are too good and dominant this year.


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