Brilliance: 10 Great Things About Friday Night SmackDown!

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent INovember 8, 2010

Brilliance: 10 Great Things About Friday Night SmackDown!

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    Up until SmackDown's move to SyFy and the win at Bragging Rights, Friday Night Smackdown was considered WWE's "B" show but I quite enjoy it. Some times even more than Monday Night Raw.

    Smackdown's GM is Theodore Long and his official consultant is Vickie Guerrero.

    From its launch in 1999, SmackDown broadcast on Thursday nights, but as of September 9, 2005, the show moved to Friday nights.

    The show originally debuted in the United States on the UPN television network on August 26, 1999, but after the merger of UPN and the WB, SmackDown began airing on The CW in 2006.

    The show remained on the CW network for two years until it was announced that it would move to MyNetworkTV in October 2008.

    SmackDown has now moved to Syfy since October 2010.

No Cena!!!

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    One thing I adore about WWE's Blue Brand is the simple fact that John Cena does not ever wrestle on this show apart from the odd apparence.

    When he was last on Smackdown his gimmick was very entertaining and funny but ever since his "big" move to RAW he seems to get more hatted and hatted as the weeks go by.

    Cena was drafted to the Raw brand on the June 6, 2005, becoming the first wrestler selected by General Manager Eric Bischoff in the annual draft lottery.

    When Cena is in a match its simple he wins cleanly or opponent wins in a cheating way or in a sly way.

    Thankfully no one on Smackdown is almost nearly like RAW's Superman.

    Cena's Accomplishments are:
    US Champ - 3 Times
    Royal Rumble Winner
    Elimation Chamber Winner
    PWI Wrestler of The Year - 2 Times
    Slammy Award Winner - Wrestler Of The Year
    Tag Team Champ with HBK and Batista
    World Heavywieght Champion - 2 Times
    WWE Champion - 5 Times

Under-Rated Stars And Mid-Card Dudes Putting On Excellent Show

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    Months ago on RAW the annual Draft Lottery fell into Play and Smackdown lost top stars like Jericho, Edge, The Hart's and JoMo

    They gained Christian, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston and The one and only 500 pounder in the buisssness, The Big Show.

    With Injuries to star main-eventers The Undertaker and CM Punk. Under-ratted wrestlers like Christian, Kofi, Kane and The Big Show had two step-up and help the blue brand.

    Christian and Kofi competed in an epic match for the vacant IC title after Kofi won the match he kept the angle alive by going on to re-win the title after defeating Drew in what was actully a suprisingly good match.

    Christian has also feuded with Ziggler, Chavo and Del Rio since his return to SmackDown.

    Kane was put in a brilliant angle where his brother was left in a "vegetative state" and he set out to find the assailaint. Kane also recent won his 2nd World Title and is in the middle of a brilliant title reign and it should be fun to see how the big red monster will deal with EDGE.

    Big Show also done a lot for Smackdown since his arrival. He has been No1 contender for the WHC, He destroyed the SES and captained team blue at Bragging Rights.

    So it just shows despite losing a lot of top stars during the Draft that didnt stop Smackdown from making an Impact

    Del Rio's amazing arrrival has been a nice cool breeze and WWE have really invested a lot of TV time, main-event spot and money in to this man that shows us gthat they beleive he may one day hold gold.

Unique Main Event Scene

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    Kane - After years of not been near the title picture... Guess who our World Champion is at the moment?

    Rey Mysterio - After not having a title for years the biggest small man won gold at Fatal-Four-Way to up his reputation.

    Big Show - The big man is on a roll after destroying SES, Jack Swagger and The Choosen Ones recently.

    Alberto Del Rio - What an impact this man has made in such short while.

    Edge - Our next World Champion?

    Undertaker - A major loss of momentum but still a legend nonetheless.


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    Lets look at what has happend on SmackDown in the last number of months to justify this slide.

    Who tought Kane would win MITB?

    Who tought Kane would go on to cash in the title the same night?

    Tyler Reks robbing Kaval of his place on Bragging Rights team.

    Who expected Rey to win that Fatal Four Way against Swagger, Punk and Show?

    Drew McIntyre Fired?

    McIntyre then returning robbing the title off Kofi.

    Bearer returning.

    Bearer turning on Taker and helping Kane out.

    Did anyone think that it would be Big Show to rip Punk and Mercurys masks off?

    Nexus helping Kane bury the Deadman.

    No one seen Shad turning on JTG coming!

    Master's putting on an excellent show against Kane but still a jobber.

    So as of late SmackDown has developed a real unpredictable nature and I love it.

Proper Management and No Computers Or Guest Host's

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    Smackdown's GM Teddy Long is not flash, not a computer or "anonyomous" he is just Teddy Long.

    Teddy is the longest serving GM in WWE history he is a true Legend. He has also had brief stints managing RAW and ECW.

    Recently in storyline Teddy has been placed on probation by the Chairman Vince McMahon and has a official Consultant. Vickie Guerrero!

    This is a brilliant combination Teddy is straight-up and honest while Vickie abuses her power and helps her "Boyfriend" Dolph Ziggler. If I was Ziggler I would stick with Kaitlyn.

    Smackdown also has none of this ridiculous guest host garbage in 2010 who really wants to see the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Pee Wee Herman in Pro Wrestling...

    Ya thats right not one person in the world want to see this BS...

SmackDown's Title Picture Is Always Better Than RAW's Or TNA's!

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    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge walks to the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
    Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

    For months now on RAW it has been all about Barrett, Orton, Cena and Sheamus with just in-ring action and no interesting build-up or interesting stipulation types like BURIED ALIVE!

    TNA has not been much better, I have given up writting on TNA because lets just face it they got 99 problems as Jay-Z would say.

    But their title picture has been all about Anderson-Angle-Hardy. I love all 3 men and but come on we want to see AJ, Joe, Pope, Lethal and more of them sort of athletes that were built by TNA instead of WWE's waste.

    Kane and Taker feud done wonders for SmackDown and it was done so well with Bearer return and the move to SyFy.

    Edge is a good contender for the title and really deserves it and it shalll be interesting to see how Kane deals with the challenge of Edge and also how Edge will cope with "The Devils Favourite Demon".

    Who really cares that yet again we are watching Barrett-Orton-Cena hog the title scene on RAW.

SmackDown Segments Are Amazing

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    Rhodes will brag about his beauty and skills.

    Kane's are dark and twisted, he will always find away to attract heat.

    Drew is the suck-up annoying cry baby.

    Lay-Cool are the sexy popular girls who you love to hate.

    Big Show is the fat loveable guy.

    Every one just feels sorry for Vickie. Some guys like Edge and Dolph take advantage of her. Eww.

    Swagger is the impressive, annoying, bragging, bully and also the Swoaring Eagle add something too.

    Del Rio also has amazing mic skills.

    Edge and Christian can do intense segments/promos but they can also deliver humour if needed.

    MVP and his VIP Lounge is entertaining.

    I love all these to be honest.

Young Stars Continuously Shinning

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    Masters - Impressive against Kane and Del Rio

    Del Rio - Excellent mic skills and perfedt gimmick.

    Kingston - Brilliant offence move-set.

    Ziggler - Always does something special when he is in the ring.

    Tyler Reks - Great debut on SmackDown as well as having a good image.

    Swagger- one of the best in the buissness.

    Rhodes - This man has come a far way since WM 26 and the Legacy split.

    McIntyre - He should of been made World Champ about a year ago.

    Mercury - Good Tag Team star who should make an impact upon his return.

    Kaval - One of Vince's more recent burials.

All The Best In-Ring Workers Are On This Show Compares To RAW

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    Jack Swagger





    Kofi Kingston


    Alberto Del Rio

    Chris Masters

    Dolph Ziggler


    Rey Mysterio

    The majority of the above list of SmackDown stars are all better in the ring than RAW Stars like

    Santino Marella

    The Miz

    Jey Uso

    Jimmy Uso

    Mark Henry

    David Otunga

    William Regal

    Heath Slater

    Skip Sheffield

    John Cena


    Darren Young

    DH Smith


    Micael Tarver



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    Am I right? Or are you reading this and thinking RAW's better?

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