Philadelphia 76ers-Cleveland Cavaliers: Andre Iguodala Goes Down in 76ers Loss

Michael FoglianoAnalyst INovember 6, 2010

Last night the Philadelphia 76ers recorded their fifth loss of the season to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 123-116.

In the first half, the Sixers trailed by 19 at one point. They just looked horrible.

They were taking too many jump shots, not playing good defense, and in my opinion, they underestimated the Cavs squad.

To top it all off, we witnessed our best player, Andre Iguodala, leave the game with a strained Achilles tendon. Everything was going in the wrong direction for the Sixers at this point.

However late in the second quarter, we turned it around and cut the Cavs lead down to eight. They realized their mistakes and decided to play a better second half, knowing that Iggy wasn't coming back.

The third quarter was when the spark went off and they retrieved a lead over the Cavs by outscoring them 31-18.

They started playing well by not taking too many jump shots and looking for the easy basket.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, we played well but slowly faded off.

We gave up our lead late in the fourth quarter, and there was no way we were coming back. We started giving up desperate fouls and you could see the players' frustration on their faces.  

The Sixers could not stop Anderson Varejao, allowing him to score 23 points and grab 12 rebounds.

All of this led to a loss for the Sixers, 123-116.

At times they played well together, and at times they didn't know what to do with the ball.

Even though the Sixers lost, some of the players played very well. In fact, Jrue Holiday had his best game of the season scoring 29 points and dishing out eight assists.

Elton Brand had another solid game scoring 20 points, but he could have been of better use on the boards (he only had two rebounds).

Out of the seven games this season, Brand has scored at least 20 points in four of them.

He's been looking really good this season, and let's hope he keeps this up.  

Also, throughout the game we saw a huge increase in minutes (26) for center Tony Battie, and it seemed like Spencer Hawes (six) wasn't even there.

Battie scored eight points and grabbed seven rebounds.

Off the bench, our only player who was productive was Lou Williams scoring 16 points and five assists.

Guys like Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young didn't show up last night.

Overall, the 76ers played a sloppy game, but at times made that nice play.

It seems to me that every time someone has a good game, the others don't.

We're inconsistent.

When everyone on the team plays well, they can be a scare to others. They proved that in the Miami Heat and Atlanta Hawks games.

This team has potential, it's just scattered around and it comes and goes.

It's up to head coach Doug Collins to put that potential together and poise us for a good season.