Analyzing the Survivor Series Promo: What is Wade Barrett's True Message?

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIINovember 6, 2010

Wade Barrett featured on the Survivor Series poster
Wade Barrett featured on the Survivor Series poster

“WWE Survivor Series. You think you can stop the Nexus? It’s all part of a bigger picture. But you’re too simple to understand. A new chapter is about to be written. At WWE Survivor Series, you’re either Nexus or you're against us.”

Over the course of the last few months, the Nexus has become a hot topic in WWE and the wrestling world in general. What started as a hot idea has had its ups and downs, but as of now, the general belief seems to be that Nexus has gotten stale.

But there is something about that promo for the upcoming PPV WWE Survivor Series with Wade Barrett that has me personally interested.

The promo itself is almost perfect. A dark warehouse type room, small light weaving overhead, sulking music playing in the background while the 6’5" Barrett sits in the middle, surrounded by the shadows.

His words actually mean something, they run deep. He asks the viewer, “You think you can stop the Nexus?”

In reality the Nexus have been stopped several times, their ranks getting smaller throughout the weeks. But they have managed to continue on as a group.

The addition of Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris, as well as John Cena, has strengthened them, but with the defection that seems to be both Cena and David Otunga, one can only wonder.

Yet it’s the next part of the quote that really stands out.

“It’s all part of a bigger picture. But you’re too simple to understand.”

To me this sounds like a couple of things.  Barrett has gone off in the past couple of weeks saying that there is a bigger picture, never actually giving proper reasons for anything besides the whole, “It’ll all work out in the end.”

But the quote hits even harder with Barrett basically challenging the intelligence of the viewer. Yet in reality, his statement is and has been true at times. The WWE throws curveballs.

We all predict stuff, and usually we know what’s going to happen, but there are times when the WWE really catches most of us off guard. (Hell in a Cell, anyone? We knew Cena would join, but not how that match would turn out.)

One could even take Barrett’s quote as WWE saying we’re going to catch you off guard again. Let’s not forget both Cena and Otunga’s fates are still up in the air, not to mention the complete answer to Nexus helping Kane at Bragging Rights.

By Barrett stating that a new chapter is about to be written clearly says, or at least implies, that something is going to happen in Nexus’ favor at Survivor Series. It also implies that WWE still plans to keep them around for a good while longer. But in truth, how much more can we take?

The Nexus have been essentially doing the same thing since they debuted. They beat people up in groups, talk of taking over and never win cleanly, if they win at all. If we are to take anymore of Nexus then something has to change, for Cena and Barrett especially.

I’ve seen and heard people talk about Barrett being more prepared than Sheamus was for the title and I couldn’t agree more.

They’ve had the time to build up and Barrett has the look, ability and the mic skills for the job. Sheamus basically came out of nowhere so Barrett deserves the chance. At least if not the title, then the ability to win cleanly.  

He ends with the signature, “You're either Nexus or against us,” which as cheesy as it may sound is actually a very good line.

Barrett does an even better job in the promo by specifically lowering his voice when saying against us. If that seems small then you might be missing the bigger picture (not referencing his quote).

The communication aspect of his tone of voice is key and by lowering it at the end, he gives off a more menacing feel to his character thus putting the exclamation point on the entire quote.

Now I said this promo is almost perfect, but there are two reasons that it isn’t. The first is the five seconds at the end when they show the various quick clips of Nexus beating on different members of the WWE roster.

I personally feel that the entire five seconds at the end was unnecessary as the quote itself could make for the entire promo. Also the ending music played with the quick clips ruins the pace and the chill factor. We know what Nexus has done; we don’t necessarily need to see it again.

I understand why they put it in order to, in a way, reiterate Nexus’ capabilities and what they may do at Survivor Series, but in my opinion, I feel that the promo could do without it as it doesn’t mesh with the “bigger picture” line.

The second reason why I feel the promo isn’t perfect actually has nothing to do with the promo itself but more of Wade’s character and the time of the promo.

If Wade Barrett had that type of demeanor all the time, he’d be a top superstar in my book, but he doesn’t.

Right now he plays the talkative bully that seems more intent on embarrassing people than making an actual statement. In effect, the promo character and his actual TV character don’t mesh.

Despite that the promo is still very effective, I believe and will actually help WWE in getting more PPV buys. However that promo also delivers a promise with WWE saying that they’re going to change it up at Survivor Series and allow us to get a better look at the “bigger picture” of Nexus.

I hope that I’m not reading too much into this promo. This is a great promo for Wade Barrett. I hope that the WWE is able to deliver come Nov. 21 because if they do, I might very well be Nexus.