Back in Second (Not Anymore)

AlexAnalyst IAugust 25, 2008

Call it the first place pressure if you want, but I just don't buy it. Maybe if we were in the final weeks of the season, but with about a month and a half remaining in the season I don't see how there can be much pressure being just a half game in first.

The Twins did make a solid move today adding Everyday Eddie to the bullpen. Whether the move works out in the end it was the right one. The Twins need to try something to turn things around and there is nothing in the minors outside of Brian Bass and Bobby Korecky that could help. Eddie was the best guy out there and is worth the minor leaguer.

While the Twins dropped a half game back in the division yesterday, they've gained it right back in a very odd instance. The Chicago White Sox played a few innings before their game today and took a loss. You see, they started a game in the twelfth inning before their real game to finish one that didn't get finished earlier in the season.

Baltimore scored a run and the Twins and White Sox now have identical record of 74-56 and the two are now tied for the division. If the Twins can win tonight and Baltimore can knock off the Sox again, the Twins could gain a total of 1.5 games today and be ahead in the division by a full game.