LeBron James: Watch Cleveland Fans React to His Nike Commercial

Zachary D. Rymer@zachrymerMLB Lead WriterNovember 5, 2010

LeBron James: Watch Cleveland Fans React to His Nike Commercial

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    Have you been wondering how and when Cleveland was going to react to LeBron James' most recent Nike commercial?

    You know, the commercial in which he defends himself against the bitter scorn of Cleveland fans, as well as every other hater in the known universe?

    Well, the people of Ohio have finally spoken.

    Here you will find a quick opportunity to relive LeBron's commercial and judge it in your own right, and beyond that is the video response in its full glory.

LeBron James' Nike Commercial: "Rise"

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    Nike first released this commercial on the eve of the Miami Heat's season opener against the Boston Celtics on October 26th.

    In it, LeBron essentially asks all those who disapproved of his decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach to put themselves in his shoes.

    It was a bold move, and it seems safe to say that the commercial has been pretty well received. It makes it perfectly clear that LeBron is not just a piece of meat to throw stones at, but that he is indeed a human being with his own sense of agency and purpose.

    But on balance, he probably never should have asked "What should I do?"

    After all, he should have known that the answers would come in droves from his native state.

Cleveland Strikes Back at LeBron

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    It took a while, but the hammer has finally fallen, in the form of a well put together video.

    The attached clip, which was uploaded to YouTube just a short while ago, offers up plenty of harsh reminders of all the reasons why LeBron deserves every last shred of scorn coming his way from Cleveland and every other square inch of Ohio.

    Those in the video certainly have a point. While he did indeed quit his hometown, he also quit on the quintessential promise that he made to them: to bring a championship home to Cleveland.

    And yes, he did indeed rub it in their faces. Now it's their turn.

    So how about it, Bleacher Report readers? Does this video represent just comeuppance for King James? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.