WWE Brewing Thoughts: Cena's Heel Turn, the Raw GM & Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Josh BrewerCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Another week is nearly in the books, with tonight's episode of SmackDown wrapping up the second week of television build for WWE's fall classic, Survivor Series.

We've got title matches and stipulations already flying around for the Nov. 21 event, and more matches to come. And let's not forget about that red briefcase The Miz is still carrying around.

Outside the ring, the buzz is still centered on a potential clash between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

This week's Brewing Thoughts tackles all of those issues, so let's get right to it.


John Cena Must Turn Heel at Survivor Series

- There is one word that comes to mind when thinking about the John Cena/Nexus angle: Disappointment.

All signs point to the culmination of the angle coming at Survivor Series, but how is WWE creative going to pull off a compelling conclusion to the storyline?

If we know anything about WWE creative, we know they will protect SuperCena at any cost. It's time creative finally lets their muse go and hook their reins on the new top dog in WWE, Randy Orton.

Now is the time to turn John Cena heel. If Cena leaves Survivor Series a face, the Cena/Nexus angle will be a complete waste of time.

Nothing else makes sense. If Barrett wins (and, if you believe multiple Internet reports, he'll earn the WWE Title victory he was initially scheduled to get last month) Cena stays in WWE...and likely feuds with Barrett for the WWE Title.

If Barrett loses, Cena is fired. The likelihood of creative touching that idea is slim to none.

Make all the arguments about lost merchandising revenue from a Cena heel turn you can, but there is a gold mine awaiting WWE creative if Cena turns heel Nov. 21 in Miami.

The obvious feud for a newly minted heel Cena is with Randy Orton. Future programs with Daniel Bryan, R-Truth and a face CM Punk could highlight Cena's 2011 run.

There are already talks of a Cena/Orton match at WrestleMania. Why not get the ball rolling at Survivor Series?


Decide On A Raw GM Already!

It's not like it hasn't already been said, but hearing more than 10,000 fans vehemently boo Michael Cole in person during his GM segment on Raw Oct. 25 told me everything I needed to know about this particular storyline.

It needs to end. And I'm definitely not the only one that thinks so.

While it appears we're in for yet another disappointment courtesy of WWE creative, I've heard some interesting names thrown around over the past couple of days.

One name is the recently resigned Sean Morley, better known to most as Val Venis. Morley would be an interesting, if not head-scratching, choice as the Raw GM. The other name I've heard recently is the one that really has me intrigued.

Kevin Nash.

Nash is a free agent, and he has spent plenty of time on Twitter dropping WWE names like it's going out of style. Is Big Sexy on his way back to WWE?

Nash is still strong on the mic, and there aren't too many WWE superstars who will try to bully around the seven-footer. Nash's presence would be a strong one atop WWE's flagship program.


Stick With John Morrison's Push

Judging my recent events, it appears WWE creative is once again pushing John Morrison.

If they're serious about making Morrison a top-level face, he's in the right program. Sheamus is very over as a heel, and matching Morrison with him should send Morrison in the right direction.

Furthermore, Sheamus has some burgeoning skills on the mic. Hopefully working a promo program against The Celtic Warrior will give Morrison some direction in the one facet of his game he struggles with.

Morrison has been deemed the Marty Jannetty to The Miz's Shawn Michaels. If WWE creative sticks with Morrison's push this time around, those comparisons can be thrown out the window. Maybe the future will even provide us a Morrison/Miz feud for the WWE Title.


Taker vs. Lesnar? Not Gonna Happen

There's no need to recap how the buzz started around a possible Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania XXVII. If you're reading this, you know what happened.

What won't happen is a match between The Deadman and The Next Big Thing.

Dana White is a very stubborn man. His stubbornness is likely one of the attributes that made him so successful in bringing UFC to the mainstream.

White has already said Lesnar won't be returning to the platform which launched his career. Don't expect White to budge from that stance between now and April 3.

Both sides have plenty to gain from a potential Undertaker/Lesnar bout. Vince McMahon would likely love the mainstream press WWE would gain from such a clash. But White doesn't seem nearly as excited.

And, furthermore, would Lesnar want to come back for a one-off match that he would likely lose?