NFL Week 9: Steelers, Saints, Packers and Giants It's a Defensive World

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor INovember 5, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 31:  Troy Polamalu #43 of the Pittsburgh Steelers waits on the sideline before the game against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on October 31, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Saints won 20-10 over the Steelers.  (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)
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Week 9 could actually be called M*A*S*H* week, with the proliferation of injuries combined with six teams on bye could prove very…challenging when setting your fantasy line-ups.  So in the spirit of mutual panic and shifty maneuvering here are four fantasy match-ups that should make your Sunday more bearable:


The most interesting match-ups are those that have large disparities between offense and defense (did I hear a collective DUH) ---say:


1.  New Orleans versus Carolina

On paper this has the appearance of a colossal mismatch.  However this year New Orleans has The history of playing well and then well…not playing so well.  And what are these very loud whispers making the rounds about Drew Brees being hurt?  Well that would definitely even the playing field.  Jonathan Stewart has been abysmal being held to 30 yards on 14 carries last week and 29 yards on 14 carries the week before.  Steve Smith leads the south in dropped passes.  And DeAngelo Williams is still injured. 

New Orleans Defense YES PLEASE

Jonathan Stewart…child please



2.  New York Giants versus Seattle Seahawks

Giants defense versus Seattle’s offense

Matt Hasselbeck is out and Charlie Whitehurst is IN!  While Seattle typical plays very well at home…and there are those who believe east coast teams play less well going West…but will the Giants defense with a quarterback who has a four year NFL career and zero passes pose a threat?  Sure there is Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch but the Giants defense is showing resurgence.  Giants are tied for third in the NFL with 24 sacks, indicating Seattle should be giving the ball to the running backs A LOT, but if the Giants permeate the offensive line where is the running back going to go? 

Giants defense START

Charlie Whitehurst….child please

Justin Forsett …I’m starting him (but I also didn’t start Kenny Britt on his monster game…sooo)

Marshawn Lynch…start (notice no capitalizations)



3.  Dallas Cowboys versus Green Bay Packers

Dallas offense versus the Packers’ defense

Oh what about those Cowboys?! The Packers are decimated, and now Donald Driver is out with injured quadriceps. This means that James Jones and Greg Jennings will be the offense.  Can they stay on the field long enough to give the defense their second and third wind from chasing down the quarterback and running with the tip passes the Cowboys wide receivers are so forthcoming with?  So the question is…is a decimated Packers offense as good as a healthy Jaguars offense?  And is Jon Kitna fast enough to escape the dogged pursuit of Clay Matthews

Or can Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Roy Williams stop tipping passes to the defense?

Packers defense START

Jon Kitna START with trepidation if he is what you have…traditional he does okay against the Packers but that was before the Matthews era….

Miles Austin START

Dez Bryant START

Roy Williams…child please…he has only been targeted six times in last two games, however he is displaying a Pollyanna sense of optimism…



4.  Pittsburgh Steelers versus Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh’s Defense versus Bengals’ Offense

I love me some Troy Polamalu.  The Bengals convert only 37.3% of their third down chances making Carson Palmer the AFC’s lowest rated passer on third downs.  But the irony is the Bengals passing game is ranked sixth in the league.  And here is the kicker Pittsburgh’s defense is first versus the run, first in points allowed per game and third in keeping the opponent out of the end zone from the red zone.  However, against the pass they aren’t doing as well.  Drew Brees in the second half versus the Steelers last week completed 20 of 22 passes for 191 yards with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.  The Bengals passing game is ranked 6th in the league.  But Carson Palmer has only 14 touchdowns in ten career games versus the Steelers.  

Steelers defense a no brainer START

Carson Palmer chances are if you are considering him your number 1 is on bye…or injured…so do you have a better option?

Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco if history is constant then they should see some yards against Steelers defense…but I would never vote against the Steelers defense!


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